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Discover what’s trending tomorrow with #TikTokFashion

Discover what’s trending tomorrow with #TikTokFashion

Dubai – Fashion starts on TikTok. From showcasing their latest designs to serving #GRWM looks and #OOTD inspo, to rediscovering trends and championing sustainable fashion, the global TikTok community of fashion and beauty creators comes to TikTok to unleash their creativity, inspiring many of the top trends and conversations in fashion today and tomorrow. 

All throughout Fashion Month, TikTok is thrilled to be celebrating #TikTokFashion and its diverse community of fashion and beauty creators, designers, models, and brands on TikTok that are shaping the future of fashion. From September 10 until October 3, join TikTok and get your style on as they bring you the best fashion and beauty inspo, special moments on and off the runway, creators to watch, brands to love, and so much more.

Introducing the first-ever global #TikTokFashion Collective

Every day, the global community of over 1 billion people discover and are inspired by trends created and driven by creators on TikTok, making fashion more relatable and accessible while redefining the industry. To celebrate the impact of the global creator community across the fashion world, TikTok is thrilled to introduce the #TikTokFashion Collective – creators from around the world who are creatives, designers, and fashion thinkers shaping the future of fashion on TikTok and beyond.

From models and photographers to emerging designers to savvy fashion commentators, members of the #TikTokFashion Collective are next-gen talent representing the most exciting voices breaking into the industry, ultimately reimagining fashion through their authenticity, self-expression, and creativity. 

During Fashion Month, members of the collective will be invited to take part in local Fashion Week events and work with TikTok to share content from the most exciting moments of Fashion Month. The global community can follow along #TikTokFashion Collective to get their take on the top trends and go behind-the-scenes from some of the most exciting fashion moments in the industry. Content from the #TikTokFashion Collective will also be featured in our Fashion Month Hub, making it easier than ever for the community to follow along with their Fashion Month journeys. Get to know more about the #TikTokFashion collective via the TikTok lookbook!

And what’s a fashion event without its star-studded lineup of creators and their hot takes on the goings-on? Keep your eyes on these fashion-forward creators who are set to make a splash during TikTok Fashion Month. Attending Fashion Weeks Across Cities will be creators Rana Ashraf, reporting from London Fashion Week, Omar Shabra and Safa Srour at Milan Fashion Week, and Adham Alsaiaari from Paris Fashion Week.

  • Rana is a beauty, lifestyle and fashion creator from Egypt. After initially studying architecture and inspired by watching her mom get ready everyday, Rana started to post content focused on vlogs, hacks and #GRWM videos. After gaining an audience, Rana was inspired to keep creating and was named the Top Beauty Creator at the TikTok Awards (MENA) in 2022.
  • @safasrour Safa is a Middle Eastern-American fashion, beauty and health creator who uses her platform to advocate for women, human rights, and youth empowerment. Raised between Russia and the United States, Safa began curating content about health, beauty and lifestyle while undertaking medical studies in New York City. Her work has been recognized by an array of luxury brands in the beauty space as her following across social media has grown to now over 6 million followers. She is passionate about serving the community and giving back through philanthropic efforts, including raising awareness about Syrian refugees, endorsing hospital works and supporting Dubai Ambulance’s initiatives.
  • @oshabra Omar is a healthcare practitioner based in Jeddah, who shares content on his work in the medical field as well as his other passion: fashion. Using his unique experience and current role, Omar combines these two industries by sharing content related to fashion and healthcare as well as outfit inspiration on his off-duty days.
  • @adhamalsaiaari Adham is a creative professional with a passion for fashion as well as inspiring and educating others. Adham shares valuable content with his followers showcasing the latest trends and news in fashion, offering tips and tricks for aspiring stylists, with the ultimate goal to maintain and foster a meaningful connection with his audience

Taking on Fashion Month with industry partners

TikTok’s culture of authenticity fuels discovery and inspiration, allowing trends to take off on and beyond the runway and empowering brands to connect with a bigger audience. Throughout 2023, #TikTokFashion and #BeautyTok global views have increased by 300%, bringing together one of the fastest-growing and dynamic communities on the platform.

Last year, the numbers for TikTok Fashion Month speak volumes about the excitement it generated, with #WhatToWear capturing an astounding 1.28 billion views and in the MENA region, #TikTokSalon garnering 2.46 billion video views and more than in the MENA region. #TikTokFashion dazzled with 807 million video views and in the MENA region.

With TikTok users on fashion journeys being 1.2x more likely (vs. other platform users) to discover new brands and products on the platform*, we continue to actively support the fashion and creative industries around the world through strategic partnerships that celebrate and open up new opportunities for designers, brands and small businesses. These partnerships include Paris Fashion Week (Federation de la Haute Couture et de la mode)Milan Fashion Week (Camera Moda), Egypt Fashion Week, Copenhagen Fashion WeekLondon Fashion Week (BFC NewGen), Mexico Fashion Week and Madrid Fashion Week.

Explore the digital runway with the Fashion Month Hub

For this year’s Fashion Month, TikTok is making it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends and moments with our Fashion Month Hub, which users can access by searching “Fashion Month” or “Fashion Week”. Featuring the latest content from creators, brands, and publishers around the world, the Hub will also feature tailored tabs, including “From the Runway,” “Trends,” and “#TikTokFashion” to help fashion enthusiasts discover just what they’re looking for.

In addition to the #TikTokFashion Collective, creators such as the Mohammed and Humaid HadbanYara Al AridiMoiyad BaghdadiBatoulShoug AlebrahimNirvana AbdulFarahMaitha Abduljalil, MariamRamla and Sally Dankar will also play a significant role in shaping the TikTok Fashion Month conversation. They will provide commentary on the fashion shows, offering their unique perspectives and analysis. Hashtags like #WhatToWear will be abuzz with creators sharing their inspired outfits for specific designer shows, outfit ratings for 2023 Fashion Week, and looks inspired by the runway.

The creators will take viewers on a virtual journey, sharing what they would pack if they were attending Fashion Week, their must-have bags and accessories, etc. Through #TikTokSalon, they would share their beauty looks for specific designer shows, skin prep tips before a show. They will also explore the world of hair, makeup, and nail art, drawing inspiration from specific designers and creating stunning looks, and also post “getting unready” segments showing end-of-day rituals such as makeup removal and skincare routines.

“On TikTok, fashion and beauty go hand in hand with creativity, diversity and authenticity. It’s been incredible to see fashion and beauty creators achieve success on and beyond our platform. As we welcome Fashion Month, we are looking forward to inspiring our global community by bringing them closer to the runway, introducing unique experiences and spotlighting fashion’s most talented voices – everything that’s shaping what’s trending tomorrow on TikTok and beyond,” said Vanessa Craft, Global Head of Lifestyle and Education at TikTok.

TikTok is delighted to bring you an exciting month of programming throughout Fashion Month and celebrate the trends, creators, brands and moments that make TikTok fashion’s most diverse, authentic and inclusive destination today and tomorrow. 

*Source: TikTok Marketing Science Global Retail Path to Purchase conducted by Material August 2021

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