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Almajdouie Changan Announces the Arrival of “2025 Hunter” to the Saudi Market

Almajdouie Changan Announces the Arrival of “2025 Hunter” to the Saudi Market

Jeddah, 05 May 2024 – In a step that reflects its leadership and continuous development in the automotive world, Almajdouie Motors, the authorized dealer of Changan vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announced the arrival of the 2025 Hunter, with both automatic and manual transmissions, to the markets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This “2025 Hunter” model comes with an automatic transmission, in addition to the previous models which features manual transmission, which makes Changan “Hunter” models available in the Saudi market with both automatic and manual transmissions.

Hunter four-wheel drive models are a distinctive choice for use within the city and for transporting cargo. They are also suitable for off-road driving, making them an ideal choice for the various customer needs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The 2025 Hunter model features a 4.2-inch dashboard screen, which provides a clear display of basic information for the driver, making it easy to read data while driving, in addition to a 10-inch multimedia screen, equipped with Bluetooth technology and a mobile screen display feature, in addition to many distinctive technologies; such as the smart entry system, rear sensors, and a rear camera for easy driving. For ultimate comfort, the “Hunter” seats are designed with a mixture of leather and cloth, with a 6-way electrical control system for the driver’s seat to provide the user with the utmost comfort. To add even more comfort, air conditioning vents for passengers are included in the rear seats.

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The model also comes with a 1.9-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel engine, which delivers 150 horsepower and a torque of up to 350 Newton/meters. This model was built on a large wheelbase capable of carrying up to one ton, with a height of 231 mm, and is equipped with all the safety and security features and modern driving systems that provide a smooth ride and great performance that are not available in rival models.

Worldwide, the Changan “Hunter” is described as a distinctive new generation of trucks that is characterized by powerful capabilities, a wonderful exterior design with a practical and comfortable interior cabin. This is the result of the strong support of the research and development centers of both Changan and the European coalition, as it is the product of several years of hard work of 1,000 technical experts in the R&D field in various regions of the world.

In conclusion, the 2025 Changan Hunter models are a bold new chapter in the brand’s history, showcasing a commitment to innovation, performance and adventure. Whether tackling rugged terrain or navigating urban areas, these vehicles embody the spirit of exploration and redefine what it means to embrace the journey.

With the Omega 2WD and Omega 4WD feature manual transmission, and the road leaders Omega 4WD and Delta 4WD feature automatic transmission, Changan Hunter continues to inspire drivers to push the boundaries of adventure and embark on journeys of discovery with confidence and style.

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