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Boston Consulting Group Launches 6th Edition of Jeel Tamooh to Cultivate Emerging Leaders in Saudi Arabia

Boston Consulting Group Launches 6th Edition of Jeel Tamooh to Cultivate Emerging Leaders in Saudi Arabia

An innovative program to empower university students with leadership, technology, and sustainability skills for a transformative future in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh, May 13, 2024—Boston Consulting Group (BCG) launched its 6th Edition of the Jeel Tamooh program on May 4th in Riyadh. This year’s Jeel Tamooh cohort will comprise over 150 students selected from top Saudi universities. The kickoff event comprised interactive workshops and dynamic discussions with various industry experts. In response to evolving market demands, the sessions covered themes essential for today’s business, including digital innovation, climate resilience, and sustainability. The sessions illustrated what the Jeel Tamooh course has in store for its 6th edition batch, with personal development tracks and professional mentoring. They are designed to propel the growth of Saudi Arabia’s youth, ensuring alignment with the strategic Vision 2030.

Launched in 2019 by BCG Middle East, Jeel Tamooh is a 6-month intensive learning journey; the program targets the most promising university students in the Kingdom, striving to unlock their potential by honing their leadership, professional, and interpersonal skills. Jeel Tamooh provides students with an excellent opportunity to participate in a six-month mentorship program with BCG consultants. This program will enable participants to gain valuable insights into the consulting industry. After completing the program, students can join the BCG Riyadh office as visiting associates upon completing the interview process. This is a unique opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading consulting firms and gain practical experience in the field. The program’s curriculum is meticulously crafted to include workshops that build on management consulting skills, emphasizing collaborative team building, strategic problem-solving, and developing a mindset to see the bigger picture.

Philippe Cornette de Saint Cyr, Head of BCG in Riyadh, shared his perspective on the program’s impact: “The pivot towards digitization in Saudi Arabia opens a wealth of opportunities for young professionals to lead with innovation and creative strategies. With the Jeel Tamooh program, we are at the forefront of nurturing young talent adept at navigating complex challenges, advocating sustainable business practices, and creating inclusive work cultures. We aim to develop leaders who are prepared for the future’s demands, contributing significantly to the Kingdom’s economic resilience and social progress.”

Shaping the future, Informative Business Sessions with BCG experts 

Participants were introduced to the program’s upcoming focus areas during the launch event. These areas included sustainability, the significant impact of digital innovation and GenAI, and the future of banking. Saudi Arabia aims to become a leader in technology and groundbreaking initiatives. 

An insightful session on climate resilience and sustainability titled, “We are on a race to Net Zero? What does Net Zero really mean?” led by Nalini Kothari, Project Leader at BCG Middle East, covered the latest advancements in renewable energy technologies and sustainable urban planning. Additionally, during the event, Annika Melchert, Platinion Principal at BCG Middle East, presented a session on “How to Build a Neobank.” Annika presented real-life case examples from projects in the Middle East showing the impact of digitalization and technology on the banking world. A fully digital platform has made significant advancements in the world of banking.

The session titled “What does it take to be a consultant” was conducted by Vladislav Boutenko, Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG Middle East, along with a panel of BCG consultants. The session’s main objective was to provide in-depth insights into the consulting industry. During the session, Vladislav moderated the discussion around several key questions to offer attendees a comprehensive field view. The questions included identifying important strengths and the top three skills required for success in consulting, advice for future leaders, significant takeaways from their consulting experiences, realistic expectations versus surprising elements of consulting life, and how skills developed at BCG have influenced life choices beyond work.

A consultant at BCG Riyadh, shared her insights on the consulting industry. She emphasized that consulting requires unique skills, including strong analytical abilities, creativity, and navigating complex situations. She also added that the competencies she has developed at BCG go beyond just professional applications. They have also influenced her broader decisions and approach to problem-solving.

“I was truly inspired by the launch event of Jeel Tamooh’s 6th edition, and I specifically enjoyed the session titled “ GenAI – What’s the Hype All About” said Sarah Alfageeh, a current participant in the Jeel Tamooh program. “As Saudi Arabia is going through a complete digital transformation in both public and private sectors, I understand that knowing AI and its applications will be a highly valuable and transferable skill. I am enthusiastic about learning more about this topic throughout the program, gaining practical insights from BCG consultants, and developing the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to our nation’s digital future. Jeel Tamooh provides a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth, which will take my learning and practical application to the next level.”

“I am deeply impressed by the enthusiasm and caliber of our participants at the launch of the 6th edition of the Jeel Tamooh program. This program has consistently drawn some of the brightest minds within the Kingdom, providing them with a platform to hone their skills and prepare for impactful careers. Witnessing their growth and development reaffirms our commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders. I am confident that this edition will continue our tradition of excellence and achievement,” stated Akram Awad, Partner, BCG.

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