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Leejam Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Marsool to Empower Over 100,000 Delivery Delegates with Fitness Services

Leejam Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Marsool to Empower Over 100,000 Delivery Delegates with Fitness Services

Riyadh, August 11, 2023: Leejam, the leading sports company in Saudi Arabia, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Marsool application aimed at enabling more than 100,000 delivery delegates associated with the platform to benefit from fitness and sports services in 24-hour multi-center facilities across more than 7 cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The collaboration between Leejam and Marsool comes after thoroughly studying the requirements and needs of the delivery sector’s workforce, gaining a deep understanding of their work schedules and nature. By providing access to fitness facilities and sports centers, Leejam and Marsool aim to enhance the well-being and quality of life for the delivery delegates who play a crucial role in the rapidly growing delivery services sector.

Through this strategic partnership, Leejam seeks to support the health and fitness goals of the delivery delegates by offering them the opportunity to maintain an active lifestyle and prioritize their physical well-being despite their busy work schedules. The agreement reflects the commitment of both companies to contribute to raising the overall well-being of Saudi citizens and residents and support the realization of the Kingdom’s vision to increase sports participation and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Adnan Abdullah Al-Khalaf, CEO of Leejam Sports Company, said, “We are delighted to join hands with Marsool in this strategic cooperation agreement. Our aim is to empower the hardworking delivery delegates with access to state-of-the-art fitness facilities, enabling them to stay active and healthy amidst their demanding work routines. By providing fitness services in multiple locations and round-the-clock, we affirm our commitment to making positively impacting society towards a healthy lifestyle and encouraging individuals to exercise daily.”

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This alliance aligns with both companies’ overarching strategy to contribute to the Kingdom’s vision of improving the quality of life and fostering a healthier nation. The cooperation represents a significant step in the mission to enhance the overall well-being and health of the people, making fitness more accessible to all segments of society.

In addition to the strategic partnership with Marsool, Leejam continues to push boundaries with innovative projects that further enhance the fitness landscape in Saudi Arabia and remains steadfast in its commitment to contributing to the health and well-being of the nation while promoting a culture of wellness and vitality.

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