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Taajeer Al Khalijiah and invygo enhance joint premium partnership agreement

Taajeer Al Khalijiah and invygo enhance joint premium partnership agreement

Taajeer Al Khalijiah (Saudi Primo), a subsidiary of Taajeer Group, has signed an agreement to develop a premium partnership with invygo, the leader of the car rental and subscription market in the Middle East, through which it aims to increase its operating fleet of MG and Bestune models.

The signing of the agreement was attended by Eng. Hazm Jamjoom, CEO of the Automotive Sector at Taajeer Group, and Mr. Hussein Abdullah Al-Saidi, General Manager of Taajeer Al Khalijiah, and Mr. Khaled Al Khudairi, Managing Director of invygo Saudi Arabia, and Mr. Mahmoud Bakhsh, General Manager of invygo, in the presence of senior Marketing Managers and team members from both parties.

On this occasion, Eng. Hazm Jamjoom, CEO of the Automotive Sector at Taajeer Group, and Mr. Hussein Abdullah Al Saidi, General Manager of Taajeer Al Khalijiah in Saudi Arabia, expressed their happiness at developing this premium partnership with invygo, as it is the first company to provide car subscription services through the e-market in the Middle East. He added, “The extent of development taking place in information technology and digital services for all sectors is no secret to anyone. Therefore, we were keen to meet with our partner, invygo, to benefit from their unique expertise in car subscription through the invygo platform, which provides distinguished products and services to customers, providing them with peace of mind and financial flexibility. As the exclusive dealer for MG & Bestune cars in Saudi Arabia, we will be keen to meet all the Taajeer Al Khalijiah Company’s customers’ requirements and keep up with them. This agreement will contribute to creating new channels that will enable customers to find alternatives to traditional renting and buying through car subscription and subscribe-to-own services that suit all classes of society”.

تأجير الخليجية و انفيجو  يعززان اتفاقية شراكتهما المتميزة 2_ssict_1200_839

For his part, Mr. Khaled Al Khudairi, Managing Director of invygo, expressed his pride in the strong relationship that unites them with Taajeer Al Khalijiah, and said, “We are pleased with the development of our relationship with the Taajeer Group and the expansion of the operational fleet to include the MG and Bestune brands, as we aim to upgrade the unique services provided by invygo to its customers in Saudi Arabia, by means of changing the traditional model of renting and owning a car and providing unique and distinct opportunities and experiences to customers who wish to subscribe to a car, removing all obstacles and challenges. We will work on this side by side with our partners in Taajeer Al Khalijiah, which will contribute to strengthening our relationship with our customers. “

It is worth noting that Taajeer Al Khalijiah (Primo), which was established in 2013, as a national limited liability company, provides the best solutions based on the “car rental” system, especially the operational rental activity, and seeks to enhance its presence by signing agreements with major companies that need this service in Kingdom Saudi Arabia.    

تأجير الخليجية و انفيجو  يعززان اتفاقية شراكتهما المتميزة 3_ssict_1200_632

Founded in 2019, invygo is the Middle East’s first and largest automotive subscription service. Co-headquartered in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, invygo’s app-based service allows people to choose, drive, swap, and own cars at the tap of a button. invygo services are completely app-based giving customers instant approvals without paperwork and free car delivery. All customers benefit from free insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. 

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