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International Media Rally Behind OMODA & JAECOO as they Introduce

International Media Rally Behind OMODA & JAECOO as they Introduce

New Energy Series at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

Major media from Saudi Arabia will be travelling with OMODA & JAECOO to the global heavyweight A-grade auto shows, the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, which will commence on April 25, 2024, at the China International Exhibition Center. The globally distinct brands OMODA & JAECOO are poised to make their debut in Beijing with a series of heavyweight new energy products. In addition to OMODA’s first pure electric model, the OMODA E5, JAECOO’s new energy masterpieces, the J7 PHEV, and the J8 PHEV, will also make their global debut, comprehensively reshaping the product ecosystem and global landscape of the new energy off-road domain.

With a brand-new stance of “new products + new technology + new ecosystem,” OMODA & JAECOO are also set to welcome the largest scale of international guests in history, including senior government officials from various countries, industry trailblazers, and partners. They will collectively witness the brand’s multidimensional breakthroughs in the new energy field, especially the value revolution in the new energy off-road domain.

Local Deep Cultivation, Actively Facilitating the Leap in the Global Off-Road Market

In recent years, under the empowerment of new energy technologies, the global off-road market has encountered strategic opportunities for in-depth development. Adhering to the philosophy of “From Classic, Beyond Classic,” JAECOO has seized the global off-road market opportunities, breaking through traditional value concepts of the off-road market. With comprehensive advancements in new energy off-road technology, it has resolutely positioned itself at the centre of the era’s stage.

The appearance of such a luxurious group of guests at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition precisely illustrates JAECOO’s global strategic layout, localized system construction, and the technical elevation in the new energy off-road field, resonating with the global new energy automotive industry’s upgrade trends. It can be said that every step JAECOO takes in the global market is a key attempt at mutual benefit and collaborative development. It is under this development mode that JAECOO’s “international circle of friends” continues to expand.

Looking back at the year since its global debut in April of last year, relying on star off-road models J7 and J8, JAECOO has already established a comprehensive localized sales and service system in multiple global markets.

In February of this year, JAECOO officially entered the Mexican market, not only quickly establishing a network of over 40 dealerships across all 32 states of Mexico but also partnering with the world-leading supply chain brand Blue Yonder to establish the first localized operation spare parts warehouse. In South Africa, JAECOO’s showrooms will cover several key locations, while simultaneously establishing a deep partnership with South Africa’s WesBank. This partnership not only provides consumers with full lifecycle financial services for car purchases but also offers financial support for dealer partners.

JAECOO’s practice of localized development strategies, while building its own system capabilities, also assists the local automotive industry’s upgrade to varying degrees. With the release of the new energy off-road product matrix, such as the J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV, JAECOO will accelerate the global new energy industry layout. With a systematic new energy strength and personalized new ecosystem, it aims to jointly advance the new energy automotive industry’s rapid progression with countries worldwide, contributing its strength to the high-quality development of the global new energy sector.

Increasing Investment in New Energy Off-Road, Empowering Global Sustainable Development with Green Technology

Against the backdrop of deepening global sustainable development, major enterprises worldwide are “shifting gears and speeding up” in the new energy era, each expressing their views and searching for the key to the next era.

Why, then, have so many international guests chosen JAECOO? The core reason lies in JAECOO’s trustworthiness. After 27 years of technological accumulation, JAECOO’s parent company has built a research and development team of over 20,000 people, established eight major R&D centres globally, and formed certain technological barriers in the fields of hybrid and pure electric new energy technologies.

Backed by the mature and substantial research and development manufacturing capabilities and strong industrial chain integration abilities of its parent company, JAECOO has constructed an effective off-road product technology ecosystem. Always driven by technological innovation and focusing on the “new energy off-road + intelligent” direction, it deeply concentrates on global user needs. With global standards and quality, it comprehensively breaks through the traditional value perception of the off-road market.

At this Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, JAECOO will highlight its exhibition theme of “New Energy, New Eco, New Era” by showcasing its off-road new energy capabilities. The introduction of the heavyweight hybrid new vehicles, J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV, is intended to provide global users with a smarter, more efficient, and safer off-road travel experience, marking the prologue of JAECOO’s journey in off-road new energy.

Notably, the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition will also feature a “mysterious guest” who will take the stage alongside the JAECOO off-road new energy family, joining the ensemble of international guests to witness the dawn of a new era in off-road travel.

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