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Huawei Cloud Summit 2024: Accelerating Saudi Arabia’s Digital Transformation with AI Innovations

At the Huawei Cloud Summit held in Barcelona on February 25th, 2024, I had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Roy Luo, Vice President of Huawei Cloud ME&CA Consulting and Solution. Our discussion centered on Huawei’s latest innovations and product launches showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2024, focusing on their strategies and plans for the Saudi market.

Mr. Roy Luo, Vice President of Huawei Cloud ME&CA Consulting and Solution._ssict_647_968
Mr. Roy Luo, Vice President of Huawei Cloud ME&CA Consulting and Solution.

Huawei Cloud’s Vision for AI and Cloud Integration

Mr. Luo shared that this year’s Mobile World Congress was especially thrilling for Huawei Cloud as the global market buzzes with intelligence talks. Huawei Cloud has chosen “Accelerating Intelligence for Industry” as its key message, aiming to usher industries into the intelligence era. The focus is on two primary areas: Cloud for AI and AI for Cloud. With Cloud for AI, the goal is to leverage cloud and AI technologies to advance industries. At the same time, AI for Cloud focuses on enhancing cloud capabilities with AI technologies, particularly in diverse computing capabilities and large-model AI.

Innovations and New Products

Huawei Cloud is introducing several key innovations at MWC 2024:

– AI-native computing storage technology for efficient data handling.

– An updated PANGU model for telecommunications, enhancing network operations and user experiences.

– An enhanced Arabic Natural Language Processing model with over 710 billion parameters, supporting Arabic from day one.

These innovations are part of Huawei’s commitment to providing foundational AI capabilities across various sectors, including government, manufacturing, finance, transportation, and healthcare.

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Focus on the Saudi Market

Huawei Cloud has made significant strides in the Saudi market, exemplified by establishing the Riyadh region as an advanced intelligence region. This move is designed to support Saudi Arabia, the broader Middle East, and Africa with cutting-edge cloud and AI technologies. Mr. Luo emphasized that these technologies are not limited to large enterprises but are also aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses across various industries.

Impact on Telecom and Customer Experience

A key highlight of our discussion was Huawei Cloud’s support for telecom operators in Saudi Arabia. Launching the telecommunications PANGU model aims to enhance customer experiences by providing insights for network optimization, ensuring wider coverage, and enabling ultra-high bandwidth services. This model is hardware agnostic, focusing on data-driven insights for network improvement.

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Sector-Specific Strategies and Cloud Targets

Although relatively new to the Saudi market, Huawei Cloud is ambitious in its approach. Huawei Cloud aims to support the kingdom’s digital transformation goals by targeting sectors critical to the Saudi economy, such as government, oil and gas, electricity, transportation, and particularly fintech. The fintech sector, driven by the government’s vision to establish over 500 fintech companies by 2030, is of particular interest. Huawei’s cloud and AI technologies are poised to play a pivotal role in this explosive growth.

Aligning with Saudi Arabia’s National Digital Vision

Mr. Luo expressed Huawei Cloud’s alignment with Saudi Arabia’s National Digital Vision and Vision 2030. Establishing the Riyadh region, achieving certifications, and launching 3AZ for higher availability underscore Huawei’s investment in Saudi Arabia’s cloud infrastructure. Huawei Cloud’s strategy is to bring global digital transformation expertise to Saudi Arabia, covering crucial sectors like government, manufacturing, fintech, gaming, and e-commerce, thus facilitating comprehensive digital and intelligent transformation.

Huawei Cloud Summit 2024- Accelerating Saudi Arabia's Digital Transformation with AI Innovations3_ssict_1200_767


In conclusion, Huawei Cloud’s participation in MWC 2024 marks a significant step towards integrating AI and cloud technologies to reshape industries globally and in Saudi Arabia. With a strong focus on innovation, strategic market alignment, and sector-specific solutions, Huawei Cloud is poised to be a key player in accelerating Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey.

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