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Global Smart City Forum Draws City Mayors, AI Experts, Investors, and Economic Policymakers from 40 Countries

Riyadh, January 30, 2024 — Mayors from global cities, alongside experts in data and artificial intelligence, digital solution specialists, smart city engineers, investors, and economic policymakers representing 40 countries, are converging in Riyadh to participate in the Global Smart City Forum organized by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) under the theme “A Better Life.” The forum is scheduled for February 12 and 13, 2024, at The Arena Riyadh Venue.

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This event marks the inaugural global forum for smart cities in the Kingdom, aiming to shape an ambitious vision for the future of cities through smart solutions. It seeks to establish fundamental principles supporting urban development plans to achieve sustainable growth, ultimately enhancing the quality of life.

Featuring 80 international speakers, the forum aims to comprehensively explore the theme of the future of smart cities, with a particular focus on supporting global governments’ efforts to adopt innovative models for smart solutions. These solutions play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, promoting environmental sustainability, and improving the quality of life for the residents of these cities.
The forum emphasizes placing human development at its core, encouraging entrepreneurs to invest by building intelligent solutions that support innovation and achieve a balance between human requirements and the economic prosperity of cities.

This vision seeks to create a more sustainable, innovative, and stable environment for human societies.

The forum is expected to include sessions and workshops where city mayors, a select group of international experts in building and planning smart cities, investors, leading universities, innovators, global economic policymakers, international organizations, and non-profit institutions participate.
These sessions will involve dialogues discussing the future of smart cities, addressing the challenges facing their infrastructure, and devising innovative solutions to meet the needs of the increasing urban population worldwide.

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