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du stepping forward towards Net Zero emission targets with OLT Green Intelligent Energy saving solutions

Dubai, UAE, December 07, 2023: du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), and Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, jointly completed the deployment of the OLT (Optical Line Terminal) Green Intelligent Energy saving solution. It is a monumental advancement in network energy efficiency as part of du’s ongoing efforts to become a Net Zero ICT service provider and promote sustainable development in the region. 

This groundbreaking has been demonstrated at the Expo City site, has successfully showed that the OLT energy efficiency can be enhanced by an average of 38%,which in return will help du to reduce the carbon footprint of 1020 tons across the entire network which is equivalent to planting of 51033 trees annually dovetailing with the green energy efficiency initiatives of du in the journey towards its ambitions of reducing carbon emissions and reaching Net Zero emissions by 2030 within its operations. 

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Saleem Alblooshi, Chief Technology Officer, at du said: “We, at du, are committed to deliver the best possible service to our customers while ensuring our operations have a minimal environmental impact. Our collaboration with Huawei, especially within the esteemed Dubai Expo City, has been nothing short of transformative, yielding remarkable improvements in energy efficiency. The success of our intelligent OLT energy saving initiatives sets a powerful precedent, propelling the telecom industry towards a greener and more sustainable future.”

Jiawei Liu, CEO of Huawei UAE, commented: “It is our pleasure to join du in providing the advanced OLT Green Intelligent Energy saving solution. Huawei has been acting as a solid foundation for the digitization of the UAE for over 20 years. By unleashing the full potential of advanced technologies, we believe our continuous cooperation with du will lead to the further enhancement of the UAE’s sustainable development, enabling a more inclusive and greener future for all.”

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As part of the initial phase, du rolled out state-of-the-art OLT units in Dubai Expo City equipped with advanced and innovative energy-saving features. Specifically, the innovative solution offers four energy-saving modes, enabling devices to smartly adjust energy consumption based on real-time network traffic demand and automatically adjust fan speed, shut down idle ports, boards, and controllers. For instance, during peak traffic hours, the OLT will promptly power up these components and resources to ensure smooth and uninterrupted, seamless user service experience while in low traffic and idle mode, it will adjust the resources accordingly.

With the successful implementation of the initial phase, du and Huawei will continue to work closely to roll out the solution across the entire network to make sure du’s networks are equipped with the latest technical innovations. This cooperation will further accelerate the fulfilment of carbon footprint reduction of both the organization and government, leading the way to a sustainable future.

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