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Anthology Concludes First-Ever EdTech Conference in Riyadh 

Anthology Concludes First-Ever EdTech Conference in Riyadh 

Highlights from the conference included industry leading AI-facilitated features in Blackboard Learn, enduring commitment to universities in region 

RIYADH  November 14, 2023– Anthology, a leading provider of education solutions, hosted their annual conference for clients in the Middle East for the first time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

More than 150 institutional leaders, industry experts and instructors from 56 institutions across the Middle East attended the two-day conference that ran from Nov. 13 – 14. 

The event was hosted by senior executives of Anthology, including Chief Executive Officer Bruce Dahlgren; Joe Belanardo, President of Global Markets; and Oleg Figlin, Senior Vice President of EMEA. 

Anthology Together Middle East featured keynotes by industry leaders and panel discussions on the most important issues facing higher education today, including the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Executives from Anthology were joined on stage by leaders in their fields from universities across the Middle East.

“Saudi Arabia is home to some of the world’s leading higher education institutions,” said Anthology Chief Executive Officer Bruce Dahlgren. “We believe that these institutions, with their commitment to academic excellence, are at the forefront of shaping the future. Our choice to host this conference in Riyadh reflects our commitment to our clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East, and our dedication to building solutions in direct partnership with our clients and the learners they serve.”

Product and Report Launches at Event

Anthology also launched their latest AI-facilitated feature, “Authentic Assessments,” at the event. Set for release in December, the Blackboard Learn Ultra feature utilizes learning objectives and course material to develop prompts aligned to Bloom’s Taxonomy that promote critical thinking in students. The feature addresses the evolving challenges of academic integrity in the era of artificial intelligence.

Anthology Together Middle East concluded with an awards ceremony recognizing excellence in education. The following institutions were honoured on Nov. 14: 

  • Saudi Electronic University: Excellence in Inclusion and Diversity
  • King Faisal University: Excellence in Innovation
  • Al-Qassim University: Excellence in Innovation
  • King Khalid University: Excellence in Community Engagement
  • Al-Baha University: Excellence in Community Engagement “Rafed”
  • Tabuk University: Excellence in Training and Development
  • Najran University: Excellence in Training and Development
  • Ha’il University: Excellence in Advancement and Transition
  • Shaqra University: Excellence in Advancement and Transition
  • Board Middle East: 2023 Strategic Channel Partner

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