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stc Group presents its digital fintech solutions during “Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023.”

stc Group presents its digital fintech solutions during “Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023.”

And signs agreements to provide financial prospects 

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al Riyadh, September 06: stc Group, the engine of digital transformation in the region, took part in the “Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023” exhibition and conference held in Riyadh. Over 500 exhibiting companies, both local and international, along with 2000 company representatives and 300 speakers, convened at the conference. The group’s primary focus revolved around its position as a digital transformation engine for fintech, e-commerce, retail, and payments industries, achieved via avant-garde digital solutions.

stc Group exhibited its digital and technical offerings, including implementing Standard and Soft POS through smart devices and payment systems. Additionally, stc provided ATM monitoring services and utilized VR technologies within the Metaverse. Notably, stc leveraged AI technologies for geographical analysis, fraud detection, Anti-Money Laundering, and contact points, among other applications.

مجموعة stc تختتم مشاركتها في سيملس السعودية 2023 لتمكين مجال التقنية المالية بحلول رقمية مبتكرة2_ssict_1200_799

Channels by stc expanded its offerings by leveraging its logistics arm, dal, to provide last-mile solutions. The company also entered into strategic agreements with key players in the market, including Jahez Company, Alinma Bank, and Basalah e-commerce platform, to solidify its position and ensure sustainability in the market. The services and products offered by myStore were also part of this expansion.

During the conference, stc Group entered two MOUs with Saudi Bright Ware, a company specializing in Software Development and System Integration as well as payment solutions. The MOU will facilitate financial and payment services for stc’s business sector clients.

In addition, stc has entered a second MOU with Paytabs, a company that specializes in providing payment solutions for business transactions between corporations and organizations. The MOU encompasses the exploration of ways to enable financial services and the discussion of payment system development. Moreover, the MOU aims to enhance the innovation prospects in fintech and provide a payment gateway service designed explicitly for stc within the business sector.

stc’s participation in the “Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023” conference and exhibition is a testament to its dedication to revolutionizing the fintech, e-commerce, retail, and payments landscape. The group is channelling its resources towards developing cutting-edge payment solutions that optimize digital payment platforms for individuals and the corporate sector across diverse industries. stc remains committed to empowering various sectors digitally and advancing progress by providing state-of-the-art solutions.

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