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Best 2023 smartwatch for all seasons: Meet the revolutionary smartwatch that is great for the outdoors – the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate

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Riyadh, 30 April 2023: If you are in the market looking to buy a new premium smartwatch this year, then there are some key features to keep in mind. The design and material used are important factors as they epitomise style and decide wearing comfort. Novelties and innovation are two things to also look out for. Battery life and charging speeds are crucial because what use is a smartwatch without power? Moreover, health and fitness-tracking features are imperative and important as they give you timely updates about your health and physical condition. 

Huawei recently announced the launch of its latest smartwatch, the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate. The all-new flagship smartwatch embodies the pinnacle of technology and design innovation among Huawei’s wearables. Exquisitely constructed and masterfully designed, the smartwatch is packed with state-of-the-art features and made for bold users who seek to chart their own paths to excellence. 

One of its biggest benefits is that it is compatible with Huawei devices as well as other devices running on Android and iOS systems, and that is definitely an advantage if you are using devices from other brands. The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is a revolutionary smartwatch great for the outdoors. It will be up for grabs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on May 3rd starting at a price of 2,799 SAR. Here is why it is our favourite high-end smartwatch! 

Ultimate Materials and Masterfully Crafted Design

At its very foundation, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is created with a Zirconium-based Liquid metal body, a material akin to titanium or steel and has high-strength, high-hardness, extremely strong wear and corrosion resistance, and is known to be the hardest light alloy currently available. With a 1.5-inch Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) AMOLED screen at 466×466 resolution, the smartwatch has a slim yet flexible AMOLED panel, with a glass cover made of high-strength sapphire glass, which is also fully laminated and wear-resistant. Meanwhile, the thickness of the central plane area of the glass is 2.35mm, with 33 precision grinding processes for the finest aesthetics. HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate’s nano-tech Ceramic Bezel is made of nano-microcrystalline ceramics, using over 24 processing techniques, CNC precision machining and fine engraving of its precise internal structure. Ceramic brings the characteristics of scratch and corrosion resistance, with over 6 to 7 times harder than stainless steel, while having the lustre akin to gemstones.

Ground-breaking water-resistance and 100-meter diving capabilities

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is not only able to achieve 10ATM water resistance, but also supports a depth of 100-metres and comes with audio capabilities, which is unprecedented in mainstream smartwatches.

The smartwatch also undergoes ISO 22810-water resistance standard and EN13319 diving equipment standard tests. With the ability to endure 24 hours of 110-meter depth water-resistant monitoring, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimatehas become a new model of water resistance performance among smartwatches in the industry. The watch has also weathered through up to 125 meters of hydrostatic pressure testing, achieving water pressure resistance from 2ATM to 13.5ATM at that depth, which is the highest ever recorded.

Moreover, the watch utilises the professional Bühlmann algorithm model, using the unique combination of OT+3 and +OD+5 to provide advanced divers with the fastest and most intuitive judgment criteria for overtime or going further deep during dives.

New generation wireless fast charging with 2-weeks battery life

For the ultimate experience, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate’s advanced wireless fast charging is faster by 29% when compared to previous generations. 10 minutes of charging can yield 25% total charge and 60 minutes will yield full charge. Users can enjoy a long 2-week battery life which include wearing the watch for a full 24 hours each day with heart rate monitoring statistics, all-night sleep tracking, and with an average of 90 minutes daily exercise and more.

New and improved outdoor endurance workouts

Outdoor adventures, exciting as they may be, also come with unpredictability and risks. To make sure you’re covered at all times during your outdoor adventures, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate provides users with real time outdoor environment data such as altitude, barometer with storm warning, sunrise and sunset, lunar phase, and tide.

All these features will ensure users have all the data they need to make informed decisions for a smooth outdoor expedition.

With Precision Dual-Frequency Five-System GNSS features, active notifications for calls and messages, average screen lit of 200 times daily, as well as 30 minutes of audio playback weekly.

Advanced health monitoring features

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the most used clinical examination methods and an effective means of graphical recording cardiac electrophysiological activity. The ECG curve reveals every minor changes of our heart for further diagnosis and treatment, so that when the doctors look at the curve, they can gain insight of the patient’s heart health and look for any abnormalities.

Additionally, users can access health metrics such as SpO2 during exercise, low-oxygen reminder, high heart rate reminder, recovery heart rate, which are crucial indicators during strenuous activities. 

Wide Software Compatibility

The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate brings broad compatibility across smartphones, enabling users with various operating systems to enjoy a wide-spectrum of features during their everyday wear or during activities, without compromising on experience. With compatibility expanding beyond non-Huawei smartphones running Android 6.0 and iOS 9.0 or later, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate brings industry-defining features such as Expedition mode, Dive modes, CE-certified ECG measurements, variety of watch faces and messages notifications and replies to the wrist of users worldwide. Moreover, users can check and keep track of their data and readings accessing the HUAWEI Health app. 

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