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Huawei unleashes its White Paper Data Storage Power to drive data growth across industries and reveals its scenario-based innovative solutions

Huawei unleashes its White Paper Data Storage Power to drive data growth across industries and reveals its scenario-based innovative solutions

Officially released during Huawei Connect 2022 in Bangkok, Huawei’s white paper on Data Storage Power – The Digital Cornerstone of High-Quality Development demonstrated the development of the storage industry and highlighted quantitative indicators to measure data storage capabilities and analyze the current data storage landscape across different regions around the world. Huawei explained how the model aims to help governments and enterprises better evaluate, design, and build data storage capabilities. This took place on the second day of Huawei Connect 2022, as part of its global tour and series this year, which recently ran in Bangkok and will follow for the first time in the Middle Eastern region in Dubai next month, parallel to GITEX Global 2022.

Under the theme “Innovative Infrastructure to Unleash Digital”, analysts and industry experts gathered to discuss the challenges of different sectors striving to go digital, exploring the future directions and opportunities for industry digitalization. Huawei introduced its solutions supported by its technical strengths to help address these challenges. 

Launching the white paper, Gu Xuejun, Vice President of Huawei IT Product Line, explained how the data storage capability is currently measured by capacity. He pointed that despite the rapid industry development and the rise of new, diversified data services such as AI and big data, capacity alone is not enough to measure the future development and construction of storage systems; therefore, the world needs a more scientific definition and evaluation system to measure data storage capabilities effectively.

The white paper explains the concept of data storage power, as well as providing:

  • A concept and connotation of data storage power: Data storage power is a comprehensive concept which includes storage capacity (the core), performance, reliability, and greenness.
  • Quantitative research of the value of data storage: Huawei’s calculations show that a data storage investment of US$ 1 contributes to a direct value of US$ 5, an indirect value of US$ 8, and an induced value of US$ 30-40.
  • An indicator system that assesses the data storage power of an area or a data center: This system comprises 35 three-level indicators across four directions — magnitude, efficiency, groundwork, and advancement — based on the characteristics of countries and enterprises.
  • An evaluation of storage power in 20 countries and regions: The white paper analyzes why certain countries lead the data storage power ranking and how those that rank lower can catch up. It also provides policy suggestions for improving data storage power.

To read the white paper, click here.

To further drive industry digitalization, Huawei also launched a range of innovative infrastructure solutions, strategizing the right technology for the right scenario. The technology giant demonstrated how companies can better adapt to an ever-changing world, support customers in furthering their digital transformation, and unleash the power of digital. Huawei is using connectivity, computing, and cloud technologies to help companies better adapt to an ever-changing world. The company explained how it is working with its partners to drive ongoing industry innovation and multi-tech synergy, creating scenario-based solutions for diverse customer needs, and creating greater value for customers to go the “last mile” of their digital transformation

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