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Step up your social media game with the most stunning camera phone HUAWEI nova 8 and its 64MP AI quad-camera

Step up your social media game with the most stunning camera phone HUAWEI nova 8 and its 64MP AI quad-camera

September 16th  , Riyadh Saudi Arabia: Today’s social media is heavily centred around photos and videos, which can be daunting if you are looking to step up your social media profile and photography/videography aren’t your strong suite. Sure, you can invest in a professional camera setup, but that is probably going to cost you a lot and it can be a tad bit complicated to get the hang of. If only there was a much easier solution, one where you do not have to spend much and one where taking photos is as simple as point and click.

Oh wait, there is.

All you need is the most stunning camera phone, the newest addition to Huawei’s popular nova series – the HUAWEI nova 8. The latest mid-ranger form Huawei comes with not one or two, or three but four cameras in its 64MP AI quad camera setup. The setup includes a 64MP HD Main Camera, 8MP Ultra-Wide angle Camera, 2MP Macro Camera and 2MP Bokeh Camera that all work in tandem producing stunning photos and videos. Additionally, the HUAWEI nova 8 comes in a stunning Blush Gold colourway and it continues in the HUAWEI nova series’ fashionable design. This smartphone comes with a sleek and compact body that is thinner and lighter; measuring 7.64mm in thickness and weighing just 169g, providing a superior grip that fits perfectly into your palm

HUAWEI nova 8

HUAWEI nova 8 – Blush Gold 

Here are a few tips on what you can do to take some great photos and improve your social media profile.

  1. Frame your shot and simply tap

Thanks to its 64MP Quad AI camera, taking beautiful pictures on the HUAWEI nova 8 is quite simple. All you have to do is find a picture-worthy subject, turn on the camera, frame it exactly the way you want, and hit the shutter button. You can also enjoy taking high-resolution images with the 64MP main camera and even beautiful portrait shots with rich Bokeh effects thanks to the 2MP Bokeh camera. Honestly, the hardest part comes right after, getting your social media caption right!

  • No light? No problem!

How about taking some photos of the skyline during the evening? Or even getting some natural night-critter shots? This is possible with a professional camera and the technical expertise of adjusting shutter speeds, ISO, and other complicated things. Let us make it easier. See something you want to take a picture of?

Simply pull out your HUAWEI nova 8, turn on the camera and choose Night option. The camera and AI algorithms will take care of all the complicated settings, resulting in a truly stunning night shot. You owe this to the Super Night Mode, which makes your photos sharp, bright, and ready to share.

  • Double the view – double the fun!

You can also decide to spice things up with videos, cool creative ones. The Main Camera and Ultra Wide Angle Camera on the back of the HUAWEI nova 8work together to enable Dual-View Video Mode. One is in charge of capturing the whole picture, and the other is used for close-up shots, adding a playful touch to your videos. It also supports HD 1080p video output. With Dual-View Video, the HUAWEI nova 8 lets you stand out with unique video content n your social media feeds. 

  • Let us not forget about selfies!

Of course, you are going to take a few selfies, who does not these days? However, what can really make your selfies stand out is if they look stunning and as if they are shot with a professional camera. Thanks to the 32MP, High-res Front Camera makes you and your friends look stunning in every selfie. It also supports the Super Night Selfie Mode that automatically enhances facial conditions and improve background details. In addition, the powerful built-in AI algorithm intelligently removes flares from glasses, making you look fabulous even at night. Which means you can also post some great pictures of a BBQ or a late night family dinner without worrying about blurry and choppy images.

Follow these tips and take some stunning photos or videos, which are the secret ingredients to building your social media profile. Additionally, with a 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge you never have to worry about the battery as you get a full charge in just 35 minutes[1] and 60% battery in just 15 minutes. The 6.57-inch OLED curved display shows all your photos and videos impeccably for an elevated visual experience by immersing your senses. Therefore, if you are planning to become the next big thing on social media, you now know what smartphone you are going to need, the HUAWEI nova 8.

[1]  Data obtained by HUAWEI labs. The actual charge time may vary with settings and environmental factors.

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