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Huawei Redefines Video Experience with 5G Live Networks and Foldable Phones

Huawei Redefines Video Experience with 5G Live Networks and Foldable Phones

Huawei kicked off this year’s Mobile World Congress with its Day0 Forum in Barcelona. With the theme of building a fully connected intelligent world, the forum included industry insights of the latest trends.

At the 5G is ONindustry insights, Huawei Executive Director and President of the Carrier Business Group Ryan Ding demonstrated the 4K video-on-demand service on a Huawei 5G foldable smartphone via a Vodafone Spain 5G live network powered by Huawei. This demo showcased the extraordinary Gbit/s-level bandwidth that 5G networks will provide anywhere, anytime.

Mr. Ding said at the demo: “The wave of 5G is sweeping the globe, giving us a better life empowered by new technologies. At the same time, the Gbit/s-level connections enabled by 5G and the monetization of experience fueled by CloudX services give global carriers new business opportunities.” He added that Huawei will set up open labs to help its customers experience and innovate in 5G services on their networks in support of their success in the era of 5G.

5G Redefines Video and Gaming Through CloudX for Greater Business Opportunities

5G lets people experience Gbit/s-level speeds everywhere with the new Air Fiber solution. Comparable to fiber broadband, Air Fiber increases the bit rates tenfold, an ideal option for carriers to make fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) a reality sooner. 5G lets carriers respond to personal, home, and industry demand for massive bandwidth while expanding their business operations.

The emerging 5G + Cloud combination nurtures new services of greater diversity and redefines video, gaming, and many other services. CloudX is poised to emerge as the main attraction of such 5G services. With powerful features that take the advantage of huge bandwidth, low latency, and cloud computing capabilities, Cloud Gaming brings gaming from dedicated hardware to smartphones. Carriers can now offer their mobile users a premier gaming experience while deriving bigger profits from the experience and content.

5G Matures into an Ecosystem with Huawei Open Labs for New Carrier Services

This year, three 5G open labs will open in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East as Huawei aims to bring the 5G service experience and development to the regions. These open labs are a platform for carriers to experience the latest 5G innovations and a 5G + CloudX environment for them to find partners to explore and nurture new services to cater to local market demand.

In 2019, the global 5G industry and ecosystem race towards maturity. Over 60 commercial networksare set to deploy, and more than 40 5G terminalsincluding smartphone models to launch. The number of countries that have licensed 5G spectrum will top 50. 5G will overtake its predecessor wireless communication technologies in speed of global popularity as it brings us a new series of amazing applications.

The Day0 forum also explored how to inspire new growth in operator business through technological innovation and business model optimization, and how to accelerate the digital transformation towards digital business through digital platforms and services.


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