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HUAWEI Mate 10 Series The Best Tool for Saudi Women

HUAWEI Mate 10 Series The Best Tool for Saudi Women

Saudi Arabia continues to make diversity changes to empower the Saudi woman in all areas, enhancing her social, academic, sports, and political fields. Believing in the major role the Saudi woman plays in Saudi society and celebration of Women’s International Day, Huawei Consumer Business Group explored several areas where a woman could benefit from smartphones, especially the HUAWEI Mate 10 Series, whatever her role or job is, and whether she was a businesswoman or a housewife, and of sports or health interests.

Female Entrepreneurs & Smart assistant
The demands of female entrepreneurs aren’t so much different from those of male entrepreneurs. A female entrepreneur can rely on the HUAWEI Mate10 Series to perform different work tasks such as contacting her clients, browsing her email through a big screen, doing her day-to-day tasks, checking her social media network, and much more. This is all thanks to HUAWEI Mate10 Series features that allow her to perform her tasks whenever and wherever she wants. With the help of Kirin 970, the first-of-its-kind processor in the world supported by artificial intelligence, she will perform her tasks accurately, achieving efficient and fast performance that takes the expectations of female entrepreneurs to a whole new level.

Moreover, HUAWEI Mate10 Series helps a female entrepreneur to do her work more seamlessly by featuring a large display with minimal bezels, which makes her visual and work experience nice and easy on the eyes. The series allows an entrepreneur to check documents and read long emails easily without worrying about the battery running out thanks to its massive 4,000 mAh battery and the exclusive HUAWEI SuperCharge technology, which charges her phone easier and faster, supports heavy usage of a female entrepreneur; in just 30 minutes, she can power up 58% of her smartphone’s battery.

Additionally, a female entrepreneur doesn’t need to look for a PC to perform specific tasks; the HUAWEI Mate10 Series can easily replace PCs through the “PC Mode” feature that allows her to have a desktop-like performance by connecting the phone to a TV or a separate screen, which will convert the phone’s interface to a one similar to that used on PCs without the need to buy additional accessories, enabling her to do her work easily on the go.

A Stay-at-home Mother & Child Care
The advanced features of the HUAWEI Mate10 Series make the phone the smartest tool stay-at-home mothers can use. A mother usually needs a reminder of her children’s doctor appointments and their regular vaccinations due to her preoccupation with other tasks concerning her children and family, so the AI-powered phone can send notifications and reminders to remind her of important appointments easily.

Nothing makes a mother happier than watching her children grow older in front of her eyes. With the HUAWEI Mate10 Series smart camera, co-engineered by Leica, a mother can take the most beautiful photos of her happy moments with her children, which comes with two rear sensors: a 12-megapixel RGB sensor and a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor.

Usually, children move a lot, which makes taking pictures of them playing very hard. However, with HUAWEI Mate10 Series, a mother will be able to capture every moment thanks to the AI-supported feature that enables fast capturing of moving objects and reduces photos’ noise, making photo-taking of moving objects easier and clearer even at night or with dim lighting.

Everyone Does Sport
Females take care of their health and their families’. With the help of the HUAWEI Mate10 Series, they will be able to track their activity and their family members’ activity using special health applications that are available on the series. Additionally, the series provides females with a comprehensive platform to connect their phones with their fitness bands, smartwatches, blood pressure, and heart rate trackers to track their health and family members’.

On the other hand, the Mate10 devices also provide females with many applications that enable them to select the right diet for themselves and their families by counting calories in foods and tracking calories burned daily.

A Phone for Everybody
HUAWEI Mate10 Series represents the best choice for all women of different interests due to having an elegant and attractive build that is easy to carry anywhere and anytime. Besides, it comes with an EMUI.8.0 interface allows the devices to maintain their fast performance even after a year or two of use because the smart interface learns the female user’s behavior, making it able to predict her future uses and the apps she wants to use. After learning about her and understanding her, the interface will specify the resources following the interaction with the device, which gives the user back her time and allows her to access her favorite apps faster and more efficiently.

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