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Najm wins the “Leading Claims Manager Award” at the 10th Edition of the Golden Shield Awards for Excellence

Najm wins the “Leading Claims Manager Award” at the 10th Edition of the Golden Shield Awards for Excellence

Riyadh, June 12.2024

Najm for Insurance Services has won the “Leading Claims Manager of the Year” award during the 10thedition of the Golden Shield Awards for Excellence. The award ceremony took place as part of the Middle East International INSURETEK 2024 conference held in Riyadh on May 28, 2024, at the Opal Ballroom at the Mövenpick Hotel and Residences.

The ceremony honored distinguished institutions and individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of the insurance industry. These honorees have demonstrated exceptional performance, expertise, and dedication in delivering essential services that have contributed to the success and growth of the insurance sector.

Najm won this award for meeting the award criteria and for its role in developing several digital platforms to enhance the experience of motor insurance clients. Among these platforms is the “Ashal” service for third-party insurance customers, which offers a comprehensive service as an alternative to cash compensation. This service includes towing the damaged vehicle from the accident site, assessing the damages, transporting the vehicle to the repair center, and then returning it to the customer’s location with a repair warranty, all without any additional financial burden. 

Additionally, Najm provides an insurance claims management platform that allows insurance claims to be submitted electronically by those affected by traffic accidents. This platform improves the accuracy of claim processing, assists insurance companies in enhancing customer service, and provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for policyholders. The services provided by the platform includes claims management, claims modification, claims review, and submission of claims to insurance companies.

Moreover, Najm participated in the INSURETEK conference with a delegation of company leaders to explore the latest developments and technological solutions enabling the insurance industry to handle next-generation business applications. They focused on leveraging modern technologies to develop insurance practices, emphasizing artificial intelligence as a key driver for achieving operational excellence.

Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Ajil Al-Jarba, Vice President- Marketing and Sales, said: “This achievement is a result of Najm’s commitment to developing its services in the realm of digital transformation, in line with its strategy to improve business performance and customer experience through the integration of automation, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. This digital approach has enhanced the accuracy and quality of insurance data, facilitated claims processes, and automated Najm services.”

Al-Jarba added; Najm has also launched several customer-centric services and initiatives, such as the insurance record platform, which allows clients to view their vehicle insurance data and benefit from a no-claims discount (NCD) while maintaining insurance coverage for all their vehicles. Furthermore, Najm offers its services via its mobile app and WhatsApp platform, improving service quality and response times. These advancements have expedited and improved the accuracy and fairness of claims processing and settlement, contributing to the reduction of insurance fraud. These factors collectively highlighted Najm’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making it a deserving candidate for the ‘Leading Claims Manager of the Year’ award at INSURETEK”.

Najm for insurance services is a closed and unlisted joint stock company established in 2007 with the aim of enhancing the vehicle insurance sector in the Kingdom. Najm provides a comprehensive system of insurance solutions and services to citizens, residents, and visitors in 44 cities across the Kingdom, with a team of skilled Saudi workforce.

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