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Intelmatix Launches First Software Suite for (EDIX) Platform

Intelmatix Launches First Software Suite for (EDIX) Platform

Intelmatix, a deep tech AI company, has announced the launch of their first software suite of their Enterprise Decision Intelligence Platform (EDIX). The launch follows a yearlong pilot implementation with a group of partners, during which the platform demonstrated significant performance improvements. EDIX is the first platform, in the MENA region, that utilizes advanced AI technologies to support decisions in medium and large enterprises without requiring its users to have any technical or AI background, empowering them with the ability to make the right decision at the right time, thereby enhancing efficiency and performance, and enabling those enterprises to transform into cognitive enterprises.

Co-Founder & CTO of Intelmatix, Dr. Ahmad Alabdulkareem said, “We are pleased to announce that the Enterprise Decision Intelligence Platform (EDIX) is ready for application and usage and the launch of the platform’s first software package (EDIX Retail and Food & Beverage “F&B” sector), following a year of experimental application and notable improvements”.

EDIX Retail helps enterprises use the latest AI technologies to support both operational and strategic decisions. For example, for operational decisions, the platform can accurately forecast demand and sales to support business operations and demand planning activities. It can also issue intelligent recommendations for inventory management across branch locations to maximize availability of products and reduce inventory wastage. In addition, the platform can recommend employee work schedules to ensure the best coverage of demand and maximize productivity while reducing labor costs and overtime expenses. As for the strategic decisions, for example, (EDIX Retail) can support the decision to open new branches by identifying the highest profitability locations based on the enterprise’s internal data such as sales, while supplementing it with external data such as demographics, competitors, traffic and others.

During the yearlong pilot in the food and beverage “F&B” sector, the accuracy of demand forecasting improved by 15%, wastage costs fell by 75%, additional over-time decreased by 25%, and the platform was able to predict revenue for new branch locations with over 80% accuracy.

EDIX employs AI technologies throughout the enterprise business processes, and is easily integrated with the IT systems already used by enterprises. It is simple to use across all levels of employees in the enterprise, whether at the executive management level or the branch management level. It enhances the internal data of the enterprise with large amounts of external supplementary data that is periodically collected by Intelmatix. The platform’s main objective is to provide high quality decision recommendations that can be executed immediately.

Meanwhile, Intelmatix is working on further software suites including (EDIX Logistics) and (EDIX Workforce) in partnership with industry-leading organizations, and plans to launch these software suites soon. Recently, in this regard, during the LEAP24 in Riyadh, the company signed agreements with several key entities, such as the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, Takamol Holding company, and Prince Sultan University.

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