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Costa Coffee Collaborates with Jazean by Saudi Coffee Company to Supply Locally produced Specialty Coffee In Their Branches Across the Kingdom 

Saudi Arabia March 24, 2024. Costa Coffee is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Jazean by Saudi Coffee Company, introducing the local specialty coffee Jazean in all Costa Coffee branches across Saudi Arabia. This venture signifies a major international collaboration between Costa Coffee and Jazean by Saudi Coffee Company, as they embark on a mission to catalyze the high-quality local coffee production and promote it globally.

Costa Coffee, recognized as an international coffee leader, and Saudi Coffee Company are diligently working with the private sector to bring the distinctive flavors of local Saudi coffee to a global audience. In an effort to bridge the gap between local and global coffee blends, Costa Coffee seeks to celebrate the richness of the Saudi coffee via providing Saudi produced beans in its products across the Kingdom. Jazean specialty coffee will be sold as “coffee of the day” in all Costa Coffee branches throughout all of its one hundred branches in Saudi Arabia, spearheading their commitment to promoting and celebrating the vibrant Saudi culture. 

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Furthermore, as Costa is keen to be part of the local Saudi coffee ecosystem, it’s helping place the rich heritage of Saudi coffee prominently on the international map. This is where this collaboration comes to fruition as a means to invite consumers to indulge in the unique flavors of Jazean while celebrating the cultural significance of the Arabica bean, deeply rooted in Saudi history. 

Mahmoud Samara, Alghanim Industries CEO, commented “Costa Coffee is working closely with Jazean by Saudi Coffee Company, in order to promote the Saudi coffee heritage – locally and globally. Moreover, this collaboration is part of our commitment to the Saudi community, via supporting different local coffee businesses and producers to push towards the economic diversification and growth pinned in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.”

Rakan Hariri, Director of Sales, Saudi Coffee Company, stated, “We are thrilled to join hands with Costa Coffee in introducing Jazean coffee beans to coffee lovers around the Kingdom. This collaboration showcases Saudi Coffee Company’s commitment to uplift and evolve the local coffee industry, via engaging with the private sector. Through this partnership with Costa Coffee, the prominent international coffee brand, we are bridging global and local markets. We are more committed than ever to reaching more hearts by promoting our authentic products and blends, contributing to economic growth, and celebrating the richness of Saudi heritage.”

This collaboration also plays a crucial role in reconnecting empowering the private sector by providing local coffee options of the highest quality, which contributes to raising Saudi coffee beans to international levels.

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