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Cisco Collaborates with du Telecom in a Landmark Cybersecurity Transformation Initiative

Cisco Collaborates with du Telecom in a Landmark Cybersecurity Transformation Initiative
  • Du Telecom is embarking on a Security Operations Center transformation journey with Cisco.
  • Cisco’s innovative solutions will serve as a catalyst to help secure the UAE’s digital infrastructure.
  • Cisco CX Services contract will help du Telecom leverage AI and automation.

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2024, BARCELONA, Spain, February 26, 2024 — Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced a landmark collaboration with du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), signaling the beginning of a major cybersecurity transformation initiative. The initiative focuses on revolutionizing du’s Security Operations Center (SOC) into an advanced Cyber Defense and Intelligence Center, leveraging artificial intelligence and automation to enhance security and operational efficiency.

The agreement signifies Cisco’s commitment to supporting du’s aspiration to lead digital transformation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ensuring robust cybersecurity measures that align with the nation’s digital transformation strategy. This transformative partnership demonstrates how Cisco’s innovative solutions can be a catalyst in securing an entire region’s digital infrastructure.

Saleem Alblooshi, CTO at du, said: “Through this strategic collaboration, Cisco is reinforcing our dedication to supporting the digital transformation journey of our customers. By leveraging Cisco’s advanced security operations and AI capabilities, du is empowered to lead the way in cybersecurity defense, ensuring that our customers’ digital platforms are fortified against evolving threats. This integration propels du to the cutting edge of digital trust, enabling safe and intelligent organizations to thrive in the digital era.”

Transformative Security for a Digital Era

With the rapid evolution of cyber threats, it’s imperative for service providers like du to prioritize cybersecurity. Cisco’s CX Services teams will play a crucial role in ensuring that du’s network and customers benefit from enhanced security measures and operational excellence.


“We are embarking on a transformation journey together, ushering in a new era of digital cyber defense. Our collaboration with du Telecom marks a pivotal step in protecting critical digital assets and improving du’s operations monitoring, detection and containment using Artificial Intelligence and automation,” said Adele Trombetta, SVP & GM CX EMEA. “This is more than a contract; it’s a shared vision for a safer, more secure and sustainable digital world.”

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