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stc Group Sponsors and Participates in the Prestigious Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

stc Group Sponsors and Participates in the Prestigious Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Barcelona, 25 February – stc Group, a global leader in digital transformation, is proud to announce its sponsorship and participation in the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. 

Organized by GSMA, MWC is one of the world’s largest annual trade shows dedicated to the digital communications industry, attracting over 100,000 device manufacturers, network providers, and digital industry investors each year.

This sponsorship aligns perfectly with stc’s mission to transform Saudi Arabia into the world’s most connected and digitized nation by 2030. As an event sponsor, stc Group will be prominently featured at two booth locations, the stc Group booth located in Booth 8, Hall 3, 3M29 along with inspireU booth, through which the Group will showcase a variety of on-ground activations, highlighting the latest technological solutions. These include AI Selfie, a customized interactive experience, that enables visitors to generate their own digital avatars. 

stc Group will also showcase a 3D model called Digital City, which will demonstrate the Group’s vision for the future of smart cities and their advanced technology. Visitors will also have the chance to be immersed in a three-dimensional tour inside Makkah through Makkah 3D Experience, underscoring stc Group’s continuous efforts to cultural heritage and advanced visualization technologies. Additionally, 5G Advanced will illustrate how advanced 5G can accelerate digital transformation across various industries.

Emphasizing stc Grop’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, IntelliReserve represents the most advanced technological solutions for wildlife conservation, which specializes in tracking and analysing data on various wildlife species in the Kingdom. In the Sustainable Park, visitors will also experience a virtual journey through interactive screens that are connected to sports equipment.

“Our sponsorship and participation in MWC is a testament to our commitment to driving digital transformation on a global scale. We look forward to showcasing our cutting-edge connectivity solutions and expertise as a global digital enabler.” Commented Eng. Bader A. Allhieb, Vice President, Infrastructure, at stc Group.

These on-ground activations represent stc Group’s innovative approach to digital transformation and its commitment to sustainability, connectivity, and the advancement of technology.

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