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Revolutionizing Smart Manufacturing: ADLINK Unveils MicroRAN Private 5G Solution at MWC Barcelona #MWC24

Revolutionizing Smart Manufacturing: ADLINK Unveils MicroRAN Private 5G Solution at MWC Barcelona #MWC24

At the forefront of industrial innovation, ADLINK Technology Inc. is showcasing its latest breakthrough, MicroRAN, at MWC Barcelona 2024. This all-in-one private 5G solution, demonstrated at Hall 5 Stand #5A61, Taiwan Pavilion, represents a significant leap forward for smart manufacturing, offering SMEs a seamless transition to advanced factory operations.

Empowering SMEs with MicroRAN

MicroRAN stands out as a comprehensive solution to the challenges SMEs face in adopting 5G technologies. Addressing high costs, complex architectures, and integration hurdles, MicroRAN offers a simplified, secure, and cost-effective pathway to private 5G networks. Its universal connectivity capabilities ensure a smoother integration with existing infrastructures, marking a pivotal shift towards more efficient and smart manufacturing processes.

MECS Series: The Backbone of Industrial Edge Computing

The MECS-7120, a highlight of ADLINK’s presentation, is powered by 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. This edge server is designed to support the demanding needs of private 5G, 5G BBU, and industrial edge computing solutions. With its advanced features, including DDR5 DIMMs and Ethernet ports, the MECS series stands as a robust platform for vRAN applications and beyond.

A Showcase of Real-World Applications

ADLINK’s presence at MWC Barcelona extends beyond product demonstrations. Partners and customers, including Askey, SageRAN, and AgrandTech, will exhibit real-world applications powered by ADLINK’s solutions. From smart factory solutions to comprehensive 5G connectivity, these showcases highlight the versatility and reliability of ADLINK’s edge computing platforms.

Comprehensive Solutions for System Integrators

ADLINK also caters to system integrators with a range of edge computing solutions designed to address end-user pain points in smart manufacturing. From server modules to IoT gateways and HMI panel PCs, ADLINK provides the essential components for building sophisticated, connected manufacturing environments.

Conclusion ADLINK’s showcase at MWC Barcelona 2024 underscores its commitment to driving industrial innovation through advanced 5G and edge computing solutions. MicroRAN, along with the MECS series, represents a new era for smart manufacturing, offering unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and security. For further information or to schedule a meeting, attendees are encouraged to visit the ADLINK booth or contact their media team.

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