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JAECOO Presents a Captivating Off-Road Adventure: Media Test Drive Event Takes Jeddah by Storm

JAECOO Presents a Captivating Off-Road Adventure: Media Test Drive Event Takes Jeddah by Storm

Chery International, represented by JAECOO, hosted the JAECOO 7 media test drive event, which was held on February 3rd, at one of the luxurious and scenic winter resorts that reflected the authentic desert character of Jeddah city.  Themed “From Classic, Beyond Classic,” the event drew the participation of over 90 esteemed Saudi automotive media outlets and prominent social media influencers, commencing with a concise introduction to the innovative urban off-road brand JAECOO 7, highlighting its breakthroughs in intelligent technology, the event transitioned then into an exhilarating journey of speed and emotion across the off-road terrain, which was crafted specifically for this occasion. The experience provided attendees with an immersive understanding of the new product’s prowess, symbolizing the quintessential embodiment of urban off-road SUVs.

This Brand “JAECOO” is ideal for the elite, bold, and strong Saudi economy; as the brand was born just to cater needs and wants of urban elites residing here in KSA, those who don’t like to show off and prefer prestige over anything else. From this standpoint, Chery International formed its vision of the business model for the Saudi market, establishing a 100% owned foreign company head office in the business capital of Riyadh.

Away from the traditional methods, they will be the distributor themselves and will also be responsible for all the other business-related activities from top to bottom. The educated consumer in Saudi Arabia will understand and see the difference. This means the level of services they would provide in all aspects would be far better than any other distributor/car manufacturer. Their customers would have access to get in touch with the principal company directly in Saudi Arabia. While car services have become a major issue for other auto brands, nevertheless, will not be the case, as their maintenance centers and other services will be directly under the supervision of their head office here in KSA. This would be a game changer in the automobile industry here in Saudi Arabia.

علامة جايكو تقدم مغامرة آسرة على الطرق الوعرة ضمن حدث إعلامي كبير في مدينة جـدة2_ssict_1200_800

Individual car ownership in Saudi Arabia ranks among the highest in the world. Saudi Arabia is considered a high-potential market in the global automobile industry, as well as an important hub for JAECOO to expand deeply into the Middle East and enhance globalization. JAECOO also hopes that through this test drive media event, Saudi consumers can gain a close understanding of the brand concept and technical strength of JAECOO, feeling the charm of innovative technology more intuitively and deeply.

Born in the modern age, goes beyond classics and offers a new answer: JAECOO 7 is introduced as an “Intelligent Off-Road SUV,” equipped with the unique ARDIS (All Road Drive Intelligent System) developed by the JAECOO brand. With intensive Research & Development, JAECOO 7 has ARDIS, with seven major driving scenarios: urban, suburban, highways, deserts, mountains, water crossings, mud, and snow, even fit for a cold climate like Tabuk. The ARDIS system responds with stability and powerful performance at the fastest possible speed. With its four-wheel drive system, the JAECOO 7 adjusts important parameters like engine output and steering angles based on road conditions, ensuring excellent traction also delivers enhanced safety and comfort during city and highway driving experiences.

Another highlight of the JAECOO 7 lies in its intelligent cabin, as it is equipped with an advanced 14.8-inch panoramic screen, providing upgraded entertainment and an audiovisual experience like no other SUV does in this segment. The W-HUD (Windshield Head-Up Display) allows clear visibility of driving information within the driver’s line of sight, while the transparent chassis provides a clearer view of vehicle condition and navigation information, offering control over various functions of the onboard system.

علامة جايكو تقدم مغامرة آسرة على الطرق الوعرة ضمن حدث إعلامي كبير في مدينة جـدة3_ssict_1200_632

In addition, the JAECOO 7 adopts a unique design language, showcasing a refined urban leisure style. Its overall appearance is imposing and rugged, characterized by clean and fluid lines. The front grille features an array-style design and sharp LED headlights. The side profile reveals a sense of power, making the vehicle appear stable and balanced. Furthermore, the interior design is simple and generous, with meticulous attention to detail. The patterns used in the cabin pay homage to fashion trends, perfectly combining strength and aesthetics.

JAECOO 7 will be available in the Saudi Market starting in the seco quarter of this year. In this ever-changing and evolving world of automobiles, the JAECOO 7, incorporating numerous advanced technologies and innovative designs, sends out a fresh call to the entire market.

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