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Bupa Arabia Padel Tournament Sparked Intense Competition among 32 Teams in Riyadh

Bupa Arabia Padel Tournament Sparked Intense Competition among 32 Teams in Riyadh


In an exciting announcement, Bupa Arabia, the leading cooperative insurance company, successfully organized the Padel tournament for their clients. This highly anticipated event brought together both corporate and individual clients for a captivating display of sporting prowess at the state-of-the-art Paddle-UP courts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from November 28 to 30. The tournament guaranteed an engaging experience, featuring 32 dynamic teams representing the company’s esteemed clients.

The tournament unfolded through intense knockout matches, running for three hours daily from 8 pm to 11 pm. As the competition reached its climax, the top three winning teams on the tournament’s final day were awarded prestigious medals and trophies. Following the success of the “Bupa Marathon” event in Jubail earlier this month, the tournament extended its reach to Riyadh. 

Prioritizing Staff Well-being

Beyond the competitive spirit, the dedication of Bupa Arabia to promoting sports activities and fostering a healthy lifestyle took center stage in this tournament. The initiative aimed to create a platform for social and sports interactions among customers, nurturing positive employee participation and overall well-being.

Aligned with the “Live Right” Program

In harmony with the goals of the “Live Right” program initiated by Bupa Arabia, the tournament sought to inspire healthy and sustainable lifestyles across the Kingdom. Emphasizing the significance of regular sports participation, the program advocated for a balanced approach to work, life, and sports, supporting customers and employees on special occasions and encouraging active involvement in sports forums.

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Enhancing Quality of Life

The Padel tournament seamlessly aligned with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, aiming to elevate the overall quality of life, raise health awareness, and boost the percentage of individuals engaging in weekly physical activity to 40% by 2030. Following the success in Riyadh, Bupa Arabia geared up to host a parallel Padel tournament in Jeddah on the B-PADEL courts from December 5 to 7.

Environmental Commitment

In line with its dedication to environmental sustainability, Bupa Arabia planned to contribute to the National Afforestation Program and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by planting trees based on the number of attendees at the tournament.

Empowering the Community

Atef Mufti, Chief Sales Officer of Bupa Arabia, emphasized that the Bupa Padel Tournament underscored the commitment to inspire clients and local communities toward healthier and more active lifestyles. It reflected the dedication to fostering an environment that supports sustainable, healthy living through diverse sports events and tournaments.

Mufti highlighted the significant engagement of Bupa Arabia customers in the tournament, showcasing the growing interest in Padel sports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This enthusiasm aligned with the company’s commitment to excellence and international achievements in sports, in line with the objectives of Vision 2030 to enhance efficiency and success across various sports and games within the Kingdom.

Mufti reiterated that the tournament was a vital component of the “Live Right” program, an initiative under Bupa Arabia’s social responsibility efforts. Launched last year, the program encompassed health, sports, and cultural events, promoting healthy habits through health lounges, physical fitness sessions, awareness and prevention campaigns, mental safety initiatives, and psychological health programs.

This comprehensive approach aimed to create a positive impact by organizing health, sports, and recreational sessions where families could actively participate, featuring the presence of doctors and specialists to assist attendees with their queries.

Awards and Medals

At the end of the tournament, the winning companies were crowned with the first three positions amid a great atmosphere of encouragement. Team ” Thiqah” secured the first position after significant effort and excellent performance. “Royal Commission for Al-‘Ula” team claimed the second position, delivering a strong performance and achieving remarkable results in the competition. The efforts of all participating companies in the tournament were highlighted, and the awards were presented to the winners in a joyous ceremony.

On this occasion, Mr. Abdulelah Altunisi, the Chief Financial Officer at “Thiqah”, which secured the first position in the Bupa Arab Paddle Tournament, expressed his happiness, saying: “It has been a fantastic experience filled with competition and excitement. Through it, we gained additional experiences that enhanced our brilliance. This victory serves as a strong incentive for me and my colleague Abdulrahman Al-Babtain to continue developing our skills in paddle sports and achieving more successes in the future.”

He added: “I extend my thanks to Bupa Arabia for organizing this wonderful championship, which provided us with a unique opportunity to participate in enjoyable sports challenges. It reinforced the spirit of sportsmanship, communication, and social relationships among participants outside the work environment. It is part of the sports, health, and cultural events offered by the company as part of the ‘Live Your Healthy Life’ program, encouraging people to adopt a culture of a healthy and active lifestyle and engage in regular physical activity.”

He continued: “I would also like to thank all our fantastic team members for their efforts and strong collaboration that led to achieving this remarkable accomplishment. We are proud of this recognition and look forward to more participation in future events.”

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