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du announces participation in Inclusion Summit 2023 as telecommunication partner, promoting diversity and fostering empowerment

du announces participation in Inclusion Summit 2023 as telecommunication partner, promoting diversity and fostering empowerment

du’s commitment to diversity, equity, and empowerment aligns with the event’s goal to highlight practices and policies to manage gender diversity and build inclusive and harmonious workplaces. 

Dubai, UAE, 8 November 2023 – du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), today announced its participation in the upcoming Inclusion Summit as telecommunication partner. The summit will feature panels and discussions on the vital role of government, businesses, and civil society in supporting youth inclusion. du’s Youth Council will actively participate in the panels, sharing insights, experiences, and innovative ideas.

Fatima Al Afeefi, Head of Employee Experience and HR Digitalisation, du said: ” At du, we consistently strive towards having an inclusive culture, one that supports the mission of promoting youth inclusion, recognising that it is a key pillar of the UAE’s vision for a prosperous and sustainable future. We are proud to be part of the Inclusion Summit, with a firm belief in the transformative power of diversity, and paving the way for a society that values equal opportunities, drives innovation, and nurtures the potential of every individual, ultimately advancing the UAE’s broader goals of social and economic development. Through our participation in the Inclusion Summit and other impactful initiatives, we are proud to play a role in shaping a brighter future for our nation and creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.”

The UAE’s is recognised as a regional leader in gender equality, with 95% of female high-school graduates pursuing further education at tertiary-level institutions, and women representing 56% of graduates from STEM fields. In alignment with the national priorities, du has a strong commitment to promoting gender balance and supporting Emirati talent. The company recruits emerging Emirati talents for opportunities in the ICT sector, aiming to maximise their chances of entering the target market after graduation. As a result, du has achieved a significant milestone by doubling its UAE national workforce since 2006. Currently, Emirati employees account for 40.9% of the total workforce, with 50% of them being female.

du’s dedication to diversity and inclusion is further demonstrated through investment in female-focused programs, enabling and encouraging women to fulfill their potential and grow their careers. du provides career and leadership opportunities for females across all aspects of the business. As a result of these efforts, du has become the first GCC telco to achieve 20% women representation at the board level.

The Inclusion Summit 2023 provides a valuable opportunity for du to reaffirm its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and youth empowerment as it aims to accelerate its diversity and inclusion journey whilst strengthening employee engagement and commitment. Through its participation in the summit, du is fostering a culture of inclusivity that has a positive impact on its business and the broader community.

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