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Leejam Sports holds “Leejam Day Conference” with the Ministry of Investment as part of Invest Saudi 

Leejam Sports holds “Leejam Day Conference” with the Ministry of Investment as part of Invest Saudi 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 6 November 2023 — In collaboration with the Ministry of Investment and the presence of the Ministry of Sports, Leejam Sports Company, the only publicly traded fitness company in the Middle East and North Africa region and the proud owner of the “Fitness Time” brand, hosted the Leejam Day conference under the topic “Invest in Sports” which is an initiative within Invest Saudi program affiliated with MISA. 

The discussion convened a prominent assembly of industry leaders, policymakers, and visionaries, sparking an insightful conversation that focused on the trajectory of the private sports sector in the Kingdom. The discourse explored the current sports landscape and investment plans, highlighting Leejam Sports’ ambitious vision and pivotal role in supporting the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Sports Strategy by promoting health and well-being as well as economic diversification.

Distinguished speakers included Basim K. Ibrahim, Sport Investment Development Manager at the Ministry of Investment, and Donal McElwee, Partner and Head of ME and Africa for Portas Consulting. Together, they shared valuable insights into the achievements of the sports sector in the Kingdom to date and charted out plans to attract investment and bolster the nation’s sporting prowess. 

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Based on the importance of the private sector role in achieving these plans, Basim K. Ibrahim thanked Leejam Sports Company for organizing this conference and emphasized that Leejam is a pivotal success story in supporting and enabling investment projects within the sports sector, as Leejam Sports stands out as one of the prominent private-sector leaders, dedicated to enabling this vision while fostering a culture of a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity.

Adnan Al-Khalaf, the CEO of Leejam Sports Company, expressed his excitement for the event’s resounding success. He stated, “Our Leejam Day Conference has not only provided a platform for robust discussions and insights but also showcased our steadfast commitment to realizing the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Strategy of the Saudi Sports Federation, with the invaluable support of the Ministry of Investment, aiming to increase public sports participation to 40% by 2030. We take pride in leading the private sector and empowering the sports scene in the Kingdom.”

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Al-Khalaf added, “Leejam Sports has experienced a remarkable boom, effectively navigating the challenges posed by COVID-19, thanks to our strong foothold and capabilities that empower us to expand and diversify our ambitious growth plans. Today, Leejam Sports boasts a network of 173 sports centers and specialized studios with over 448,000 members, supported by more than 1,500 certified sports trainers and 570 professional trainers across 19 different sports. Through its efforts to invigorate the sports sector in the Kingdom, Leejam Sports plays a key role in economic diversification and enhancing individual lifestyles, with the ultimate goal of building a healthy and vibrant community.”

He further highlighted the significant achievements of Leejam Sports in the sports sector, including its recent strategic partnership with Burjeel Holdings to launch PhysioTherabia centers, the first-of-its-kind network of state-of-the-art physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and wellness centers in Saudi Arabia. The centers are set to provide the region’s most innovative and comprehensive physical therapy, advanced rehabilitation, and sports performance services.

As the panel drew to a close, attendees left with a glimpse into the future of the private sports sector in Saudi Arabia. The event reiterated Leejam Sports Company’s commitment to fulfilling its health goals of fitness for the mind and body through its expansion plans. These plans seek to open over 100 additional centers in the coming years, further solidifying its position as a leader in fitness and wellness in the Middle East and North Africa. The success of “The Future of Private Sports Sector in Saudi Arabia” paves the way for a healthier, more active, and economically vibrant future for the Kingdom.

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