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LG StanbyME becomes a hit among consumers with exponential sales in a single month

LG StanbyME becomes a hit among consumers with exponential sales in a single month

September marks sales milestone for LG’s home entertainment solution as initial shipment sells-out

Dubai, United Arab of Emirates, Oct 12, 2023 – LG Electronics, a brand known for innovating in the home entertainment landscape, recently announced that its movable smart screen, the LG StanbyME, has sold out its first shipment within the month of September alone. A momentous occasion, this marks a milestone for LG and showcases how the brand delivers products with consumer interest in mind.

The 27inch movable smart screen boasts a unique flexible design, that allows users to easily take it from room to room to watch content as they please. Keeping mobility in mind, the screen sits on a base of 5 hidden wheels and has a built-in battery that lasts up to three hours of screen time. It also comes with touch screen capabilities, as well as a remote for easier user experience.

However, the LG StanbyME is more than just a display, as it is in fact a smart screen with various connectivity options. This includes wireless mirroring and NFC, which can be activated with a simple tap. Apple users on the other hand can also leverage its Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit capabilities, for easier screenshare from their primary device. Furthermore, the LG StanbyME also supports a range of streaming services and applications, all of which come pre-installed. Users can also continue watching content from another connected and compatible LG TV on the LG StanbyME, further enhancing its smart screen capabilities. 

Commenting on the successful sales, Sa Nyoung Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf said, “The LG StanbyME is one of our more unique products that caters to a very particular type of consumer demand. We are happy to see that it was received so well by our customers and will soon be bringing a new shipment of the products to all markets. This successful shipment is a true testament to our commitment towards customer satisfaction, mainly through our customer-centric products.” He further added, “This response from our customers is exciting for us as we develop the next generation of the LG StanbyME which will come with even more features and capabilities.”

Jun Oh Jung, Head of HE Business Unit, further commented, “While the LG StanbyME is a hit among individual consumers, it’s noteworthy that its adoption is also rapidly growing in the B2B sector, particularly in restaurants, gyms, and exhibition venues. Its versatility and adaptability make it a valuable addition across various professional settings.”

The LG StanbyME was a resounding success amongst customers, resulting in widely positive reviews across LG’s website and social platforms. Priced at 4,299 AED, LG StanbyME’s next shipment will arrive in the UAE by the end of October and will be available in all major retail outlets.

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