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Unleash Summer Fun with the Cutting-Edge HONOR Pad X9 for Supreme Entertainment!

Unleash Summer Fun with the Cutting-Edge HONOR Pad X9 for Supreme Entertainment!

Comes with incredibly large display, immersive audio system, and massive storage

Riyadh, KSA, 22 August 2023

Since we are in the middle of summer, the desire to buy an entertainment device that satisfies all your leisure requirements grows with each passing day. Such a device would provide you with reliable means to comfortably consume content, read while on the move, or unwind on your couch while indulging in uninterrupted gaming sessions. 

If you are currently in the market for a tablet, be ready as HONOR is soon releasing its all-new tablet, HONOR Pad X9, that ensures all your entertainment requirements are met this summer. Boasting an impressive 11.5-inch HONOR FullView Display, 6 Surround Speakers with HONOR Histen sound tuning technology, and up to 128GB storage, the HONOR Pad X9 offers a superior entertainment experience with its host of smart features and an elegant design. 

Display to immerse you whatever your need is  

Whether your typical tablet usage involves binge-watching your favorite series, engaging in gaming sessions with friends, or even enjoying a good read, the HONOR Pad X9 with its expansive 11.5″ HONOR FullView display is guaranteed to elevate your experience. With an impressive 86% screen-to-body ratio, this tablet showcases more intricate details, and its 2000×1200 pixel resolution ensures stunning visual quality. Say goodbye to pale colors or faded shades, as the HONOR Pad X9 boasts a vibrant color palette of 1.07 billion colors to enhance your entertainment to the fullest. 

The display of the HONOR Pad X9 was crafted with entertainment as the primary focus, considering users who spend prolonged periods in front of their tablets. To alleviate concerns regarding eye fatigue or exhaustion, HONOR has incorporated specific features that enable users to enjoy their tablet without any apprehension. The display features Dynamic Dimming that simulates ciliary muscle activity, ensuring that users can experience consistent visual quality on the device. As well as HONOR’s Circadian Night Display technology which will automatically adjust the display into warmer colors to reduce the amount of blue light, ensuring the secretion of melatonin to improve users’ sleep quality.

Unmatched audio immersion to elevate the good mood  

The low clarity of the sound can significantly impact your entertainment experience. HONOR Pad X9 in its mission to satisfy your entertaining needs, comes with 6 Surround Sound Speakers that ensures outstanding audio experience and never affect your mood. Moreover, the two bottom speakers’ audio will also bounce off surfaces to give listeners a more cinematic surround sound experience, perfect for watching drama and movies. 

No matter if you are hosting a cozy evening gathering in your room or enjoying a movie night with friends, HONOR Pad X9 is guaranteed to create the perfect atmosphere and elevate your entertainment experience. 

Entertainment without interruption  

Who desires a sudden lag during an interesting game? Or a disappointing “Low Battery” notification amid an exciting movie? Since uninterrupted enjoyment is everyone’s preference, the HONOR Pad X9 is equipped with HONOR OS Turbo X and GPU Turbo X that ensure the hardware and software work seamlessly together to enhance fluency, anti-aging, and battery consumption. The HONOR Pad X9 packs with 7250 mAh long-lasting battery[1] for long-day connectivity.

In addition, HONOR Pad X9 users do not have to worry about storage. Featuring 4GB memory and large 128GB storage drive, the HONOR Pad X9 can hold 26,880 pictures, 10,752 songs or 430 HD videos locally, providing users ample storage for their multimedia collection.

If portability is a priority for you, the HONOR Pad X9 is the ideal option. Whether you prefer using tablets while on the move, gaming, or browsing social media during beach trips or summer adventures, its slim 6.9mm[2]thickness and lightweight 495g build make it incredibly easy to carry around. 

Price and availability 

Consumers can buy HONOR Pad X9 for SAR 799 and get free gifts worth SAR 647, including HONOR Care+ with 24 months GCC Warranty and 14 Days Malfunction Replacement, Backpack and Flip cover. HONOR Pad X9 is available at Jarir Bookstore, eXtra, LuLu, noon, Amazon and other retail shops. 

For more information you can visit the below website:

[1] Data from HONOR labs. Rated battery capacity.

[2] Data from HONOR labs. 

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