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YOUGotaGift Champions the Evolving Digital landscape with Sustainable eGift Cards

YOUGotaGift Champions the Evolving Digital landscape with Sustainable eGift Cards

The Middle East’s leading marketplace for digital gift cards spearheads incentives, gifting and payouts which aligns with the shift in landscape and also promotes sustainable eGift Cards in line with Saudi Vision 2030

Dubai, UAE – August 20, 2023 – The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, transforming traditional gift-giving practices. YOUGotaGift, the leading marketplace for eGift cards in the Middle East, is at the forefront of this evolving landscape. With a deep understanding of evolving consumer behaviors and preferences, YOUGotaGift is delivering innovative gifting solutions that are market-responsive, intuitive, and aligned with the KSA’s adoption Of Digital Payments.

As part of Vision 2030, the Saudi government has set a target of achieving 70% cashless payments by 2030. This vision is driving consumer behavior to embrace the digitally lead ecosystem. Both government directives and businesses recognize the value of shifting transactions to be more technologically supported, offering more convenience and environmental friendliness. This has resulted in powerful partnerships between banks and fintech companies, driving collaboration and innovation in the digital payments sector.

In comparison to traditional plastic gift cards, eGift Cards offer a multitude of advantages particularly in countries like the KSA that are efficient and fast paced. Available for purchase anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your digital device, they offer unparalleled convenience. They can be personalized and instantly delivered via email, SMS, or messaging platforms, transcending geographical barriers.

Not only are eGift Cards convenient, but they are also environmentally sustainable. By transitioning to these digital alternatives, they boast zero environmental impact. This aligns perfectly with KSA’s ambitions for 2030. 

Furthermore, eGift Cards, such as the Multi-brand HappyYOU Card offered by YOUGotaGift, have revolutionized consumer choice. These cards can be redeemed across hundreds of brands throughout the MENA region, offering recipients unparalleled flexibility and freedom.

“The digital shift in incentives, gifting and payouts isn’t just convenient, it’s necessary,” said Fawziah Alhoshan, General Manager at YOUGotaGift. “By adopting eGift Cards, we are not only offering a highly effective rewards and gifting solution but also contributing significantly to environmental conservation, a pivotal aspect of Saudi Vision 2030.”

With the regional digital gift card market projected to reach 6 USD Billion by 20261, this transition aligns with the shift towards digital payments. Digital wallets are gaining widespread acceptance, with many experts predicting them to be the primary payment method in the coming years.

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