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SoundcoreAnnouncesExclusiveLimited-TimeOfferonAmazonforP20i Wireless Earbuds

SoundcoreAnnouncesExclusiveLimited-TimeOfferonAmazonforP20i Wireless Earbuds

Dubai, UAE: 22 June, 2023: Soundcore, a leading player in the audio technology industry, is excited to announce a special sale event on, offering the P20i True Wireless Earbuds at an unbeatable price. From June 20 to July 3, 2023, customers can purchase these highly rated earbuds for just AED 69/-, a substantial discount from the usual price of AED 99/-.

The Soundcore P20i earbuds are designed to provide superior sound quality and convenience at an incredibly affordable price, making this a can’t-miss deal for budget conscious customers that consist of: enjoy mobile gamers, travellers, fitness enthusiasts, podcast listeners, and music lovers alike.

Mobile gamers will appreciate the P20i’s powerful 10mm drivers and boosted bass, which will immerse them in their gaming experience. The long battery life of up to 30 hours with the charging case ensures they won’t have to worry about interrupting their gaming sessions.

Travellers will love the portability and compact design of the Soundcore P20i, complete with a knitted lanyard. The earbuds and charging case are small enough to slip into a pocket or attach to a bag, making them the perfect travel companion. The IPX5 water resistance means these earbuds can withstand accidental spills or rainy weather, so users can enjoy their favourite tunes or podcasts, no matter where their adventures take them.

Fitness enthusiasts will benefit from the P20i’s water-resistance feature, enabling them to enjoy their favourite workout playlists even during intense sweat sessions or in the rain.

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The P20i is not just about great sound and convenience, it also offers a personalised listening experience. Using the Soundcore app, users can customize the earbuds’ controls and choose from 22 EQ presets. Plus, the ‘Find My Earbuds’ feature adds a layer of practicality, ensuring users never have to worry about misplacing an earbud again. For users who have trouble falling asleep, the app-enabled functionality of the P20i also includes a “white noise” feature that enhances sleep quality, providing a personalized listening experience for users. Moreover, the P20i earbuds come equipped with an AI-enhanced call feature, providing crystal-clear conversations for those who work remotely or frequently make calls. The earbuds’ dual mics and smart AI algorithm work seamlessly together to pick up voices clearly, so users never have to shout over the phone.

Faraz Mehdi, General Manager, Middle East, Africa and South Asia for Anker Innovations said: “Soundcore, is dedicated to offering superior audio experiences that cater to various lifestyles and budgets. The P20i True Wireless Earbuds are a testament to this commitment. They offer powerful sound quality, AI-enhanced calls, long battery life, and the convenience of portability, all at a highly accessible price point. This incredible value for money is what makes the P20i a top choice for consumers.”

“As for our customers in the UAE, we’ve found that they appreciate high-quality products that match their dynamic and fast-paced lifestyle. Regardless of their preferred hobbies or daily activities, they require a set of earbuds that can keep up with them and cater to their specific needs. With its array of features the Soundcore P20i is designed to be the perfect companion for a life on the move. And with our upcoming offer on Amazon, it’s a fantastic opportunity for people in the UAE to experience top-tier audio quality at an unbeatable price.'”

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This limited-time offer on Amazon is a perfect opportunity to experience the fusion of premium quality, convenience, and affordability that the Soundcore P20i wireless earbuds represent. For more information, please visit our Amazon page.

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