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WhiteWater to participate in Riyadh entertainment show ‘SEA Expo 2023’ 

WhiteWater to participate in Riyadh entertainment show ‘SEA Expo 2023’ 

WhiteWater is participating in the event for the fourth time in a row, as SEA Expo gathers influential decision-makers and innovators from the entertainment industry in the Middle East


  • WhiteWater’s participation aligns with its ongoing commitment to support the country to reach its lofty Vision 2030 goals. 
  • By 2030, Saudi investments in entertainment & leisure market are expected to be worth $64 billion. 
  • Mike Rigby: “SEA Expo is a significant business destination for us.”


WhiteWater, a leading manufacturer and designer of aquatic entertainment, is set to participate in the fifth edition of Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Exhibition (SEA EXPO 2023), for the fourth year in a row.

To be held on May 28-30 at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre, the event attracts top decision-makers and innovators from the Middle East’s entertainment sector to discuss and develop opportunities to enhance the leisure industry’s future in Saudi Arabia. 

Merging the entertainment and hospitality together, Mike Rigby, General Manager and Regional Vice President for the Middle East and India at WhiteWater, is slated to speak at the upcoming show presenting on the strategies hotels and resorts can employ to enhance their profitability. With hotels in Saudi Arabia projected to experience a significant increase in room supply, finding differentiation is essential. By integrating aquatic attractions into their amenity offerings, hotels can generate substantial returns on investment, as demonstrated through a recent Hotel & Leisure Advisors’ analysis, which revealed a remarkable 59% average increase in room revenue per available room (RevPAR) after the addition of an indoor water park.

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WhiteWater’s participation aligns with its ongoing commitment to support the country as it looks to build world leading entertainment destination as part of its Vision 2030 goals. 

Mike said: “SEA Expo is a significant business destination for us as it enables us to connect with new partners and help to grow the awareness and understanding of the aquatics industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Mike, who is also a member of the SEA Expo 2023 advisory board, added: “WhiteWater’s participation in the exhibition presents an opportunity to forge new connections, enter the tourist attraction industry in the Kingdom, and attract potential customers.”

Water parks offer an idyllic environment where families from all corners of the Kingdom can unite and forge cherished memories. These immersive destinations go beyond mere entertainment, transcending generations and providing an enchanting experience for grandparents, parents, and children alike. From exhilarating rides that set hearts racing to serene pools that offer relaxation, and interactive water play areas that ignite laughter, every element caters to the concept of generational fun. 

As the Kingdom aims to promote and develop the entertainment industry, its investment plans worth billions of dollars will be under focus during the three-day event. By 2030, Saudi investments in entertainment & leisure market are expected to be worth $64 billion. 

In line with its Vision 2030, the Kingdom plans to host several events and position itself as a global entertainment hub, a leading tourist destination, and a model for sustainable attractions and water parks on a global scale. By 2030, the initiative is likely to raise the Kingdom’s GDP by 4.2%.


WhiteWater wholeheartedly embraces this vision, as they tirelessly work towards crafting captivating entertainment destinations that foster an atmosphere of togetherness and boundless joy for families throughout Saudi Arabia.

Diversification plans under Vision 2030 have spurred the Kingdom to transform its economy, with special emphasis on the tourism and entertainment sectors, which experienced an annual growth rate of 47.6%, according to Research and Markets, a global research institute

SEA Expo 2023

SEA Expo 2023 will showcase various countries’ finest brands of products, services, and technologies in the industry. The diverse range of attendees includes manufacturers, distributors, service providers, procurement and supply officials, executives, investors, and others who bring comprehensive case studies from both regional and international perspectives, aiming to elevate the entertainment market in the Kingdom.

“SEA Expo offers a platform for companies to showcase their products, services, and cutting-edge technologies to over 10,000 industry specialists. These experts are involved in developing the entertainment sector and enhancing its infrastructure, aligning with the goals of Vision 2030 in terms of boosting investment opportunities, diversifying economic activities, expanding entertainment offerings, and improving the overall quality of life,” said Mike.

Committed to its water park projects in the country, WhiteWater aims to help accomplish the Vision 2030 goal of establishing more than 600 entertainment attractions in the Kingdom by 2030. Collaborating with top regional and global recreational brands, WhiteWater will incorporate sustainability in all its entertainment projects, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and smart solutions. This approach aims to preserve the country’s resources and create a sustainable entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia.

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