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HONOR is Taking on the Foldable Smartphone Market with the Release of its Flagship Device, the HONOR Magic Vs

HONOR is Taking on the Foldable Smartphone Market with the Release of its Flagship Device, the HONOR Magic Vs

The all-rounder foldable designed to be the perfect companion for entrepreneurs as well as those who put mobile entertainment above all else

[Riyadh  KSA – 23 May 2023]

Earlier this month, HONOR announced the upcoming launch of its highly anticipated flagship foldable, the HONOR Magic Vs. This cutting-edge device represents HONOR’s latest exploration into the development of foldable phones. The flagship foldable comes with Industry’s First Super-Light Gearless Hinge Technology, HONOR’s signature design and boasts an ultra-light, ultra-thin, and ultra-reliable structure, delivering an exceptional foldable smartphone experience to users.

HONOR Magic Vs is the perfect foldable smartphone for individuals seeking a device that can cater to their work and entertainment needs. It boasts an exceptional range of outstanding features across its display, battery, camera, functionalities, and performance. Thanks to its seamless ability to handle productivity and entertainment, HONOR Magic Vs is capable of meeting most daily requirements.

Immersive Dual Display & 7.9-inch Tablet-like Internal Display

One of the significant advantages of HONOR Magic Vs is its versatility in screen size. When unfolded, it offers a 7.9-inch Large Display that enhances the user’s experience when watching videos, playing games, or working on various tasks that require a larger screen. With more screen space available, users can enjoy better multitasking capabilities, allowing them to view multiple apps or documents simultaneously.

On the other hand, when HONOR Magic Vs is folded, it transforms into a smaller device with a 6.45-inch User-friendly External Display, making it more convenient to carry around and allowing users to perform various tasks such as making calls, sending messages, or checking notifications, without having to open the device.

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Premium & Durable Gap-free Design

Thanks to the sophisticated structure of the hinge, the HONOR Magic Vs folds tightly without a gap and has a nearly completely flat screen when unfolded, something that its closest competing devices cannot replicate. HONOR tackles the current pain points of existing foldable devices, taking the user experience of foldable smartphones to a whole new level.

HONOR has developed a highly efficient hinge design for the Magic Vs foldable phone, reducing the number of components in the supporting structure from 92 to just 4. This has not only significantly reduced the device’s weight, but also ensured remarkable durability with a gear-free design. The hinge’s lightness is also due to the use of an aerospace-grade polymeric material that is 62% lighter than other metals, further contributing to the device’s overall weight reduction.

Despite its lightweight construction, the hinge is incredibly robust and can withstand up to 400,000 folds, which is equivalent to over ten years of usage with 100 folds per day, setting a new standard for foldable smartphone design. This is especially beneficial for heavy-duty users who require a device that can endure extensive usage. With this innovative hinge design, the HONOR Magic Vs provides heavy-duty users with a more convenient and durable foldable smartphone experience.

Exceptional Triple Camera, Exceptional Photography

To deliver a superior photography experience, the HONOR Magic Vs features a triple camera system comprising a 54MP IMX800 Main Camera, a 50MP Ultra-Wide & Macro Main Camera and an 8MP 3X Optical Zoom Camera, allowing users to capture captivating images in stunning detail. HONOR makes full use of the unique capabilities of each of the three cameras. When a camera falls short on something, the other cameras can complement it to improve the overall photo quality, color and clarity.

Whether a user is capturing a building, zooming in or out of an object, or capturing a portrait, the HONOR Magic Vs intelligently uses its computational photography solution based on the effect and the environment to fuse the ultra-wide-angle lens and the main camera, the main camera and the telephoto lens, or multiple frames while shooting using the telephoto camera.

Ultra-Thin, Ultimate Performance  

It is difficult to expand the battery capacity of foldable devices due to their complex structure, however HONOR managed to improve the hardware layout and increase the battery capacity to an industry-leading level. 

Despite its slim and lightweight design, measuring only 12.9mm when folded and weighing just 267g, HONOR Magic Vs incorporates a large 5000mAh battery. Additionally, with 66W Wired HONOR SuperCharge, the foldable’s battery can be fully charged to 100% in just 46 minutes, providing users with peace of mind when it comes to battery life.

In addition, HONOR Magic Vs is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, representing a significant advancement in innovative foldable smartphone design. With a host of features and functionalities that set it apart from other foldable phones currently on the market, the HONOR Magic Vs is an exceptional device that combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek and practical design.

HONOR MagicOS 7.1 based on Android 13

Running the latest HONOR MagicOS 7.1 based on Android 13, the HONOR Magic Vs packs a raft of enhanced smart features to aid multi-tasking, providing a smart life experience and enhancing productivity to the maximum. Bringing an inclusive ecosystem to life with fully upgraded software architecture, HONOR MagicOS guarantees an unmatched user experience.

With Smart Multi-window function, the HONOR Magic Vs allows users to multitask with up to four applications, boosting efficiency no matter if the user is working, enjoying a movie, gaming or reading.

HONOR Magic Vs supports APP Extender which shows two windows for an app, enabling users to run two separate tasks on the app simultaneously.

HONOR MagicOS also introduces Magic Text, a feature that intelligently recognizes text on an image and converts it to a PDF file, boosting productivity to the maximum.

HONOR Magic Vs comes equipped with Google Mobile Services, which provides users with easy access to all their favorite applications. With the inclusion of Google Mobile Services, users can download and use a wide range of popular apps with just a tap of their finger, making the user experience incredibly convenient.

Color and Availability

The HONOR Magic Vs will be available in two stunning colors – Cyan and Black. Inspired by the lush green colors in nature, the one-of-a-kind Cyan colorway is the perfect choice for the fashionable crowd, and Black, a classic colorway that never goes out of style. Starting from 25th May, the HONOR Magic Vs will be available for pre-order in Saudi markets at an amazing price and special gifts. 

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