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Kaspersky becomes the vendor “who shaped the year” in modern endpoint security

<strong>Kaspersky becomes the vendor “who shaped the year” in modern endpoint security</strong>

Kaspersky was included as a vendor “who shaped the year” in the IDC report Worldwide Modern Endpoint Security Market Shares, July 2021-June-2022: Currency Exchange Rates Slightly Trimmed Accelerating Growth (doc #US49982022, January 2023). According to the report, Kaspersky showed a promising year-on-year change with the stable or growing business in Latin America, Middle East, Turkiye, Africa region (META), CIS and APAC regions. This relates to all Kaspersky B2B products including modern endpoint security.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) helps IT professionals, CEOs and investors to make their businesses more cyber-resistant by providing reliable and relevant information about IT Security solutions. Their annual reports allow decision makers to navigate the large cybersecurity market and assess the potential of its products. 

This year the IDC market share report mentioned that the Global Transparency Initiative by Kaspersky was well-timed and helped the company to counter external opinions that the company operates on the global market with an ulterior motive. Analysts considered that this initiative, as well as the company’s product portfolio expansion allowed it to cope with geopolitical challenges in most markets in 2022.

IDC experts also highlighted that, despite external circumstances, the company has continued to develop its products, making good XDR advancement. Describing the results that the company reached in this sphere, experts mentioned that “benefiting from its broad product portfolio built from a common architecture, Kaspersky is in a position to call out tangible examples of XDR automation.” 

Kaspersky Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Andrey Efremov, Chief Business Development Officer at Kaspersky, said: “We are honored that IDC noted our investment in the Endpoint Security market at such an unstable time.  Kaspersky is always eager to develop solutions to meet the market demand and make business safe even in unpredictable circumstances. To guarantee the high quality and reliability of our services we continue to provide excellent solutions and ensure the transparency of all operational processes.”

For more information about Kaspersky please visit the website.

More information about the IDC report is available here.

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