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Limited-Time Mode: Play Domination from January 25–February 8!

<strong>Limited-Time Mode: Play Domination from January 25–February 8!</strong>

Take control to unlock the Deagle Dominator (Weapon Blueprint).

It’s time to take control. Domination, a new limited-time game mode, will be available to play in World War 3 from January 25 until February 8

Fight for control points and win to unlock special rewards, including the Deagle Dominator (Weapon Blueprint).


Domination is a 15 versus 15 game mode focused on intense firefights, close-quarters engagements, and the capture of control points.

Your aim is to take control of strategic locations across the map. Fend off nearby enemies, and stand close to a control point to begin capturing it for your team. One team must hold all three control points to end the match and secure victory. 

  • Teams: 2
  • Players: 30 (15 players per team)
  • Maps: Berlin (Team Deathmatch), Warsaw (Team Deathmatch), Moscow (Team Deathmatch), and Gobi (Team Deathmatch)
  • Win Conditions: Capture and hold three control points
  • Mode Availability: January 25–February 8


Play and win Domination matches to complete a new set of Challenges and unlock SP, an XP Booster, and the rare Deagle Dominator (Weapon Blueprint), an exclusive golden configuration for an iconic semi-automatic pistol that’s ideal for close-quarters firefights.

  • Win 3 Domination matches: 100 SP
  • Win 9 Domination matches: 1x 1-Hour XP Booster
  • Win 15 Domination matches: 200 SP
  • Win 33 Domination matches: Deagle Dominator (Weapon Blueprint)

The Deagle, the base Weapon Blueprint for the Deagle Dominator, will be free to unlock in a future update, launching later this year. Earn the Deagle Dominator while you can to unleash this exclusive gilded style ahead of the release of its base counterpart!

World War 3 is now available to play for free on Windows PC via WW3 Launcher and Steam.

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