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Likee Launches New Feature of Interest-oriented Community for Football Fans to Find Like-minded People

<strong>Likee Launches New Feature of Interest-oriented Community for Football Fans to Find Like-minded People</strong>

Dubai-UAE: 21 November 2022 – To continue its celebration of the upcoming football season, Likee, a pioneering global short video platform, will be introducing a dedicated event page to the Football World Cup 2022 under the platform’s community feature, Loop. The event page will bring together football fans and provides an interactive experience for users to support their favorite teams, join fan groups, watch text and animation matches, keep up with match agendas, and so much more.

Across the MENA region, football has always been regarded as one of the most loved sports. As the World Cup gets underway, Likee anticipated that users are likely to share brief highlights of their favourite moments from games, in-depth game analysis, amazing goals, amongst others on its platform and consequentially introduced the World Cup event page to foster and strengthen the community of passionate football fans on the application. 

The World Cup curated event page will provide users with all live scores, stats, and storylines to keep them up to speed with the upcoming tournament. Personalized news and notifications also make it easier for fans to follow their favourite teams and players. Moreover, the page is equipped with lightning-quick match updates to make sure that users never miss a goal or game, no matter where they are.

When Likers would open the event page on Likee, they would be encouraged to choose their favourite teams and join team fan groups to receive the latest updates and see what communities are discussing. Within the team fan groups, users would be able to chat with other members of group during the game while seeing the live score updates as well. 

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Team and players rankings along with additional statistics related to the number of goals, assists, fouls, possession, etc. would also be on view on the event page. To view live match developments, users can schedule notifications for their most awaited games and watch the live-text updates. Additional analysis of the games will also be presented under a separate tab to showcase the performance of the teams highlighting shot on targets, percentage of possession, number of corner kicks taken, to mention a few. 

“Anticipation for the start of the FIFA World Cup has been ecstatic around the world. The World Cup brings fans together in a lot of ways and unlike any other time, football fans are engaged on social media through quite a significant portion of the event. As the entire world sets their sights on the matches, it is only natural that some may choose to be inspired by the global event and realize their own football dreams” said Gibson Yuen, Head of Likee Global Operations. “Likee, with its intelligent algorithms, enables everyone to be able to share their experiences about football, become a superstar, and find like-minded people across the community who also share the same creativity and passion, ultimately building powerful ties showcasing the real spirit of football.”

By enabling people to connect with others and share their ideas, feelings and experiences; Likee has today become a significant part of many people’s life, improving connections between people and bringing communities together. Communities thrive on short form video platforms as they have become a great tool in finding sports related news, allow fans to interact others, share opinions about their teams and share some of their favourite moments from the games. The football community on Likee has been able showcase their talents by making innovative content in every imaginable niche, and in turn, inspire the youth to play with their friends, hone their skills and attempt the amazing shots that they witness during games. 

Likee continues to empower local creators by providing them with an ideal platform to capture videos and is packed with all the editing tools equipped with sophisticated special effects. By empowering creators to unleash their talent, Likee aims to create a platform full of diversified video content filled with creativity enabling users to build communities that facilitate meaningful connections and engagements amongst one another. 

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