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“Live Right” a Bupa Arabia event promoting a healthy lifestyle

“Live Right” a Bupa Arabia event promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Health campaigns promote healthy habits and lifestyle and improve quality of life for individuals and the community at large. 
  • Bupa Arabia hosted ‘Live Right’ awareness program in Jeddah on July 21-22.
  • Ali Sheneamer: ‘Live Right’ program aims to positively influence the health and well-being of Saudi residents and citizens in line with the Vision 2030 objectives. 

Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance hosted a first-of-its-kind health awareness program event, which is usually exclusive for members only, in Jeddah on July 21-22, for the public. The company’s newly launched “Live Right” health awareness program – with events to be held across the Kingdom – the first of which was held in Jeddah’s Leylaty Hall, aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among the citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia in line with the Vision 2030 goals of improving the quality of life of members of society and enabling them to lead healthier lives.

The increase in health risks globally has placed a renewed focus on the role of awareness campaigns that help educate and inform the public about various health issues. Indeed, a population’s well-being is one of the criteria set by international organizations to determine the overall social welfare, health and safety of societies. Therefore, it has become a strategic objective that countries, organizations and individuals seek to achieve. 

Bupa Arabia’s latest initiative is in line with its pioneering role as the leading health insurance company in the Kingdom as well as its efforts to achieve the well-being of Saudi society. 

Improving Quality of Life 

Saudi Arabia has placed great importance on improving the quality of life of its citizens and residents, naming it as one of the objectives of Vision 2030. The Quality of Life program, launched in 2018, endeavors to improve the individual and his family’s quality of life by creating the necessary environment to develop and support new healthier lifestyle options.

In addition to the Quality of Life program, the Health Sector Transformation Program, also part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, aims to ensure continued development of healthcare and preventive health services in the Kingdom as a means of achieving the well-being of society and improving the quality of life. 

Promoting Health Awareness 

Ali Sheneamer, Chief Business Development Officer at Bupa Arabia, said the campaign aims to inspire healthy habits through engaging educational and training sessions that cover a wide range of health topics. The event also included various interactive, sports, health and recreational activities that families participated in. Specialists and doctors were available on-ground to answer the questions of the attendees and provide glucose and blood pressure tests, as well as optical, dental, nutritional and general checkups. The event also included a health lounge area and an entertainment corner for children.

“The ‘Live Right’ program is based on five pillars, which include: Health Lounge, Fitness, Prevention, Mental Well-being, and Weight Management,” added Sheneamer. 

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