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College of Science at UAEU conducts 490 research ‎papers, offers 15 programs, and attracts 1,800 ‎students

College of Science at UAEU conducts 490 research ‎papers, offers 15 programs, and attracts 1,800 ‎students

Al Ain, 17 January 2022: Prof. Maamar Benkraouda, Dean of the College of Science, ‎UAEU said that the college has witnessed a great ‎development in its qualitative academic outputs that keep ‎pace with the requirements of national development ‎programs and preparation of national staff. The number of ‎students registered for 2021 is about 1,800 in various ‎disciplines. The college offers 15 academic programs with ‎international standards, and in addition, has conducted ‎more than 490 research during the academic year  2020-‎‎2021.‎

Student Turnout

He pointed out that the college has witnessed a remarkable ‎development in several fields and witnessed a great ‎demand. The number of undergraduate students until the ‎year 2021 reached more than 1,800 in addition to 275 ‎master’s and doctoral students. The College currently ‎offers 15 programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral ‎levels in various disciplines of science, and it is working to ‎offer programs that meet the country’s needs. The ‎Departments of Physics and Geosciences have offered ‎Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Space and ‎Geosciences. The College has also launched accelerated ‎programs (BS-MS) in Physics and Mathematics, allowing ‎outstanding bachelor students to take master’s degree ‎courses in the last year, and therefore they get their ‎bachelor’s and master’s degrees together in only 5 years. He ‎added that the college periodically subjects all of its ‎programs to academic recognition locally from the ‎Commission for Academic Accreditation and ‎internationally from reputable international academic ‎bodies‏.‏‎ ‎

Qualitative Academic Research

Dr. Asmaa Al Menhali, Vice Dean of the College of ‎Science, said that the college is at the top of the list of ‎research at the university and has a number of strategic ‎goals in academic research, and research partnerships with ‎international research institutions such as University of ‎California Berkeley and the European Council for Nuclear ‎Research, in particle and nuclear physics, and water ‎treatment-related research with Kyushu University in ‎Japan. In addition, it has research cooperation with the ‎Chinese Academy of Sciences in health, environment, and ‎energy. The college ranks first in the total research ‎submitted in 2021, which exceeds 490 research papers, ‎with more than 50% published in the best academic ‎journals.‎

Within the framework of extracurricular activities, the ‎college carries out several academic and research ‎activities and events to serve science and society by holding ‎conferences, seminars, and scientific lectures, most notably ‎in 2021 the Global Symposium for 21st Century Materials ‎Emerging Scholars and the Sixth International Conference ‎on Engineering Geophysics in partnership with Al Ain ‎Municipality‏.‏

Future Leaders

The Dean of the College of Science stressed that the college ‎is interested in preparing future leaders for the labor ‎market and attaches great importance to guiding the student ‎before joining the college until graduation. It allows ‎outstanding high school students (from the eleventh and ‎twelfth grade) to take college requirements materials before ‎they join the university, and thus it accelerates the period of ‎their studies by calculating these subjects when they join ‎the university. The college has also developed the Meta-‎Excellence Program in cooperation with the UAEU Science ‎and Innovation Park. This program was designed by ‎experts on training workshops that prepare students for the ‎labor market, entrepreneurship, and innovation in their ‎various specializations‏.‏

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