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Wiko delivers French flair and cutting-edge smartphones to the Saudi market for the first time

Wiko delivers French flair and cutting-edge smartphones to the Saudi market for the first time

Al Riyadh, Dec. 28, 2021 Inspired by the French concept of elegance and efficiency of design, Wiko has established itself as Europe’s fastest growing smartphone brand and now brings its unique products to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Established in the southeastern coastal French city of Marseille, Wiko infuses its technology with the sophisticated romantic style the city has become famous for. The brand is driven by the ethos of “make smartphone technology accessible to all” which is embedded within Wiko’s team of talented design and engineering teams based in France and Shenzhen in China.

This exciting blend of east and west is reflected through a spirit of innovation across the company’s range of products.  Wiko is driven by obsession to create and innovate while staying true to the French aesthetics and design philosophy. There is no brand like Wiko and the people who use the devices know they get cutting edge technology in stylish designs that meet the daily needs no matter the scenario.

Now consumers across the Kingdom will get the chance to enjoy technology that makes a real difference to their daily lives. To do this Wiko focusses on delivering excellent products that immerse users in finely tuned experiences. The company’s development team works hard to make its products as accessible to the widest audience as possible while maintaining powerful smartphone performance through advanced hardware. This includes large capacity batteries, fast charging and powerful imaging systems.

This is made possible with Wiko’s meticulous attention to detail that strikes a delicate balance between the need for minimalism and performance. That is why the company has paid close attention to crafting camera modules and rear cover textures that help form a cohesive whole.  

Wiko products are not boring and do not blend into the background. Instead, they are bold and feature avant-garde color schemes that proudly embody its French heritage. As a result, Wiko smartphones are usually brightly colored, high-performing, and highly affordable. In fact, the Wiko logo was redesigned in 2019 to feature the now iconic W letter and a bold blue-green “bleen” color. In addition, the brand understands that technology products must be more than fashion statements, they should be easy to use in daily life. This is why all Wiko devices provide users with excellent grip with many featuring a graceful arc design that gives users an ergonomically friendly look and feel.  

Wiko is a young and vibrant brand that places the young tech savvy consumer at the heart of experience. Young people are the creative driving force that can take the world in exciting new directions and with Wiko they will have the tools they need to collaborate and innovate while staying connected to family and friends. 

The brand also ensures that its products are priced affordably, so as many users as possible can enjoy the benefits of premium features especially the young. With existing operations in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Africa, the company is well established across the world.  

In 2018 it became a top 5 player in Western Europe’s highly competitive smartphone market with its distinctive identity capturing the imagination of consumers across the continent. With 2,500 employees around the world, three production plants, and six research and development centers across the globe, Wiko is committed to its vision and has the resources to deliver exciting consumer products.  

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