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Huawei reconfirms commitment to create value for communities

Huawei reconfirms commitment to create value for communities

Huawei’s Rotating Chairman, Guo Ping, notes: “2022 will come with its fair share of challenges, but we will keep working closely with our global partners to overcome the difficulties we face, grow the harvest, and strengthen our foundations.”

Huawei’s leadership has delivered a New Year message to the public ahead of what it views as a promising future. Guo Ping, Huawei Rotating Chairman, highlighted in the New Year message that despite the tribulations, the company worked hard to create tangible value for customers and local communities in 2021. Huawei also enhanced the quality and efficiency of their operations and are expecting to round off the year with a total revenue of 634 billion yuan, [1]as Huawei’s carrier business remained stable, the enterprise business experienced solid growth, and the device business expanded swiftly into new business domains. 

Ping continued to reiterate: “Our customers and partners remain confident in us. Global business operations are steady, our transformation initiatives and strategic investments have progressed in good order, and our overall performance was in line with our forecasts. 

“We will work with carrier and enterprise customers as well as partners around the world to build simple, green, and intelligent ICT infrastructure that helps all industries go digital. We will deeply integrate ICT technology with operational scenarios in key industries and work with our partners to meet a diverse range of customer needs. In terms of smart devices, we will continue focusing on what we do best and delivering high quality, while expanding more into scenario- and ecosystem-based development to deliver a truly unmatched experience. By integrating digital and power electronics technologies, our Digital Power business will develop clean energy and help traditional energy sectors go digital to build a better, greener future for all,” Ping said in the message. 

While committing to creating value for communities and partners, Ping stressed the company’s plans to create social value, enhance security and trustworthiness, and improve the business. “We support the digital transformation of industries, promote the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises, and enable more people to benefit from digital technologies. We are also helping local communities cultivate digital talent through initiatives like Seeds for the Future, ICT academies, and Women in Tech,” Ping said. 

He continued: “We are enhancing security, trustworthiness, and privacy protection at each stage of our products’ lifecycles, and advocating for global collaboration and unified security standards. We will continue communicating openly with government and media stakeholders to build trust and understanding.” 

Ping also highlighted the goal of Huawei’s organizational transformation efforts is to better serve Huawei customers. He said in the message: “By delegating decision-making authority to field offices, we want to make full use of our massive platform to better support the operations of elite teams, keeping them inspired to do what they do best. In 2022, we will fully implement the Contract Reviews and Conclusions at Rep Offices Transformation, giving rep offices operational autonomy. After that, we will begin exploring integrated business transformations in our rep offices around the globe.” 

Moving forward, Huawei will continue to stress the importance of entry-level experience, successful field experience, and successful overseas experience for its HQ positions in order to encourage more managers and experts to go out into the field and serve its customers. “We need to double down on improving customer satisfaction. We can’t just depend on customer goodwill and support. We need to repay them with innovative products and top-quality services,” Ping stressed in the message. 

The New Year message concluded that Huawei employees should continue to work with its customers and partners to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. “The road ahead is long and hard. As long as we press ahead, we will reach our destination. With unwavering effort, we will build a promising future. Choosing Huawei is choosing a path. The road we’re on is bumpy, but rewarding,” summarized Ping. 

[1] approximately USD 99.48 billion

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