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Jeeny app sees improved awareness, increased downloads and more orders with seamless customer experience in successful partnership with Huawei

Jeeny app sees improved awareness, increased downloads and more orders with seamless customer experience in successful partnership with Huawei

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – December 27, 2021: As one of the first apps to integrate with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) three years ago, Jeeny quickly experienced the benefits of their partnership with Huawei. The collaboration began with the desire from both parties to develop a seamless customer experience through a range of exciting initiatives. 

By joining the AppGallery, the world’s third largest app marketplaces, Jeeny quickly became the top ride hailing app in Saudi Arabia. “It has been quite an amazing journey so far, since the integration of our app with HMS. We have been close partners with Huawei, probably one of the closest,” said Falah S. Alonizi, General Manager at Jeeny. “We have done many joint marketing campaigns focusing on promoting the app and generating more downloads with promotional discount vouchers and gifts”.

Jeeny was one of the first apps in Saudi Arabia to launch on HUAWEI WATCH 3 Series when it became available on the wearable in mid-2021 and allowing users to order their cars, contact the driver and watch the car approaching on the map from the comfort of their wrist. The partnership is an ongoing process and Huawei regularly invites Jeeny to be part of their product launches and as a partner in their new campaigns.

“If we look at the numbers since our launch on the AppGallery, we have seen great contribution to the volume of daily ride orders,” said Falah S. Alonizi from Jeeny. Around 20 percent of total Jeeny app downloads come from AppGallery, and in the past year, Huawei device users have completed nearly 4 million successful journeys with Jeeny; in addition, about 800,000 active Jeeny customers are Huawei device users.

“Our joint campaigns with Huawei have been very effective. In one campaign, we achieved a 500 percent increase in daily downloads during the two weeks of campaign.” said Jeeny’s General Manager

It is worth mentioning that AppGallery is available in over 170 countries/regions, with over 560 million monthly active users globally as of September 2021, and its applications got a total download of 332.2 billion times between the period of January and September 2021. The number of apps launched on AppGallery in 2020 outside China was more than 10 times that of 2019, which means it has a huge existing and growing user base.  Both Huawei and Jeeny have built up reputations as innovators in their respective industries, which have enabled them to attract new customers to their platforms while encouraging existing users to remain loyal to their brands. 

By leveraging the expertise in their respective fields, Jeeny has benefited by improving its ecosystem so that customers, vendors, riders as well as the wider community and employees enjoy the experience of interacting with the service. By having a presence on Huawei devices and working closely with the company, Jeeny has been able to create seamless experiences while boosting brand awareness and downloads.

These types of partnerships are more important than ever in highly competitive and fast-moving industries such as the technology and service sectors. The success of the collaboration has encouraged Jeeny to be one of the most popular and downloaded apps in Saudi Arabia in its category. 

“We are keen on maintaining and strengthening this partnership with Huawei.  I believe that there is still a lot to be done,” said Falah S. Alonizi from Jeeny. “There will be definitely more joint campaigns and we’ll work together to further achieve our download and user acquisition targets. Huawei’s new Ecosystem is much more than just the AppGallery, I believe that the opportunities are ripe to discover.  We are in talks with Huawei to integrate Jeeny app on Petal Maps and Petal Search and work with them on HUAWEI Ads. I am really happy about this partnership and optimistic about the future outcomes that it will yield.”

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