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Best portable smart speakers if you want great sound: HUAWEI Sound Joy co-engineered with Devialet tops the list with 26-hour battery life

Best portable smart speakers if you want great sound: HUAWEI Sound Joy co-engineered with Devialet tops the list with 26-hour battery life

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – December 20, 2021: The idea behind a portable speaker is simple – to take music wherever you go. Thanks to clever engineering, portable speakers these days have an excellent sound quality and power output. Now there is no shortage of portable speakers on the market. Quite the contrary, you will be baffled by the sheer variety of models out there. Recently, Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia announced the HUAWEI Sound Joy, its first portable smart speaker co-engineered with Devialet. It has gotten us all excited. The HUAWEI Sound Joy is an ultra-portable speaker that punches way above its weight. The audio quality is top-notch with Devialet 4-unit Punchy Sound and the battery life of 26 hours is more than enough for any event. Adding smart features to the mix, the HUAWEI Sound Joy offers a convenient user experience with Shake Stereo Link Up, Automatic Discovery, and One-Touch Transfer.

The collaboration between Huawei and Devialet is phenomenal as one is a disruptor in the tech world, and the other is a revolutionary in the world of speakers. Devialet is a French audio company well known for its premium high-fidelity speakers. Their speakers are known for their striking design, powerful bass that seems to break the laws of physics, and outstanding audio quality, and they are sought after by enthusiasts.

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Devialet tuned sound

The speaker comes with Devialet 4-unit Punchy Sound. The speaker can reach a high-power output of 20W taking advantage of the neodymium iron boron magnets and a lightweight carbon fibre composite diaphragm. The HUAWEI Sound Joy uses a 2-band acoustic system to deliver powerful mid-bass and loud and transparent treble. It can go as loud as 79 dBA within a 2-metre range despite its compactness. The Devialet SAM® technology minimises the vibration of the speaker to eliminate distortion for better bass performance. This patented technology enables authentic audio reproduction. The two passive radiators inside the speaker use Push-Push acoustic design. They are configured back to back on either side of the speaker to eliminate vibration, improve stability and enhance sound clarity.

26-hour battery life

A large 8800mAh battery powers the HUAWEI Sound Joy. The HUAWEI dynamic voltage regulation algorithm makes the speaker power-efficient, further enhancing the battery life. As a result, the speaker can support continuous music playback for 26 hours. The battery charges up quickly with 40W super-fast charging as it only takes 3 hours to fully charge from empty, and you will get 1 hour of playback time with a 10-minute charge.

Shake Stereo Link Up and other cool features

Connecting two HUAWEI Sound Joy speakers is easy with Shake Stereo Link Up for a more expansive audio experience. All you have to do to pair them is to shake two of them together. When the pairing mode is active, the indicator will light up with a swirling effect. Once paired, the speaker will play a voice to confirm the connection and turn off the indication. This feature will come in handy if you are outdoors and want louder sound.

HUAWEI Sound Joy supports One-touch Transfer, as well. You can connect their smartphone to the speaker and play audio by placing the smartphone against the speaker. A Phone, tablet or laptop nearby can automatically discover the HUAWEI Sound Joy, and a connection window will pop up. With a simple click on the window, the device can easily connect with the speaker. 

Rated IP67 for water and dust resistance

HUAWEI Sound Joy is easy to carry around, just like a water bottle. It uses an elegant woven fabric design that offers IP67 rated dust and water resistance and an anti-slip surface, making it tough and durable across scenarios. You can take it with you to pools and beach or use it with wet hands, without worrying.

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Dazzling Lighting Effects

The speaker comes in two colourways and features the signature lighting ring on the top. This light is most impressive when you play media as it flows with the music. This feature is turned off by default, though. You have to press and hold the play button for 3 seconds to turn it on. The light ring also displays the battery level. While checking the battery level, the ring lights up completely and gradually turns off until it flashes the battery level. The light ring shines white when you connect two speakers using Shake Stereo Link Up.

As a portable smart speaker, the HUAWEI Sound Joy has everything going for it. The bottle-sized compact speaker is easy to carry around. It can be secured to your backpack, or you can hang it on your wrist with a lanyard. It will even fit inside a typical cup holder. The anti-slip texture means you will not drop it while out on adventures. The sound quality is best for its class, and the 26-hour battery life is plenty enough. The Shake Stereo Link Up, One-Touch Music transfer, and Automatic Discover make the speaker fun to use and connect to smartphones and other devices. In short, the HUAWEI Sound Joy is the right 2021 portable smart speaker in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Price and Availability: 

The HUAWEI Sound Joy is available in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the HUAWEI Flagship Store and the online HUAWEI Store at a price of 649 SAR.

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