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Riyadh to host first “Arabians” Festival in the region

Riyadh to host first “Arabians” Festival in the region

300 horses compete for the Arab championship for Purebred Arabian horses

RIYADH – The attention of purebred Arabian horse lovers will soon be focused on the Arabians Festival, a major and unique event, to take place in West Riyadh, and considered one of the largest international equestrian events organized as part of Riyadh’s many sports and entertainment activities this season.

Beginning on December 23, 2021, the two-month festival will promote the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a global equestrian sports hub and a pioneer in the care of beautiful purebred Arabian horses.

The festival includes myriad cultural and recreational events, including the “Arab championship for Purebred Arabian horses” (C International) in its second edition. It is regarded as one of the largest championships in the region, and is organized by the Champions Time Entertainment in collaboration with “Al-Arab Stud” in the province of Dharma, Riyadh. The King Abdulaziz Arabian Horses Center in Dirab will oversee all technical, organizational, and arbitral aspects, as well as set controls and conditions for purebred Arab horse competitions in the Kingdom in accordance with relevant international regulations and European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations (ECAHO).

The Arab championship for Purebred Arabian horses lasts three days and features 300 horses in its various categories, representing the largest and most ancient Saudi and Arab studs and stables.

Over the course of three days, owners of purebred Arabian horses will compete for prizes totaling more than SR 700,000 as part of the festival’s activities aimed at supporting the rich equestrian sports Saudi heritage and promoting it internationally. The event will also highlighting the importance of the purebred Arabian horse and its unique value on the local, regional, and international levels.

The championship is scheduled to feature many accompanying events, such as Arab horses’ auctions, horse shows from around the world, circus shows, children’s activities, and concerts. Visitors will enjoy outdoor activities where they can sit in the open area and enjoy food at hospitable and elegant restaurants.

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Bander Moqri, CEO of Champions Time Entertainment, said he is delighted to organize this international championship, which will be held on 200,000 square meters at Al-Arab Stud. “It is significant,” he said, “because it showcases the beauty of purebred Arabian horses.”

He also indicated that the event was intended for people from all walks of life, including families, students, horse enthusiasts, Riyadh residents and visitors, and those interested in culture and entertainment.

Moqri described the Arabians Festival as one of the largest equestrian events that offer fun and entertainment activities, pointing out, that it is jam-packed with cultural activities and events that reflect Kingdom’s traditions and rich heritage as well as the promoting the purebred Arabian horses locally, regionally and internationally.

He stressed that the event was more than a championship, describing it as an integrated festival that brought together entertainment, culture, unique experiences that is expected to see 3,000 to 7,000 daily visitors from both inside and outside the Kingdom.


“Purebred Arabian horses are amongst the most beautiful creatures on Earth, and many countries are racing to move these horses from their home countries to breed and produce more distinctive breeds for auctions, championships and horse shows around the world,” he said.

He explained that the Arabs had called purebred horses “Arabians” because horses played a prominent role in their lives. They influenced Arabs’ language, nature and literature. That is why poets wrote poems about Arabian horses and exaggerated in praising their qualities to the extent that Arabs were keen on preserving the breed of their horses the way they preserved the breed of their sons and daughters.

The previous edition of the Arab championship for Purebred Arabian horses, held in 2018 was attended by more than 25,000 visitors to witness the heated competition between 300 horses over the title.

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