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stc pay initiates partnership with Moven to further enrich the customer experience

stc pay initiates partnership with Moven to further enrich the customer experience
  • stc pay now has a new enhancement allowing customers to track their money & spending

Riyadh, December 5, 2021 – With stc pay having over 7.4 million loyal users, they never fail to find new ways to enhance their services for their audience and customers. stc pay executes smooth, contactless transactions innovatively, pushing for a cashless society in line with vision 2030. Now, there has been a need for customers to track what they are spending as well. 

Recently, stc pay has partnered with Moven, an innovative technological solution that enriches the digital experiences on stc pay. stc pay and Moven now work together to provide flexible and innovative data driven solutions that support financial wellness. Because banking has been evolving and becoming digital, stc pay is guiding and assisting their customers in building a more robust digital banking experience. 

On the stc pay main page of the application, there is a section titled “spending analytics” that can be accessed when you swipe up. This section constitutes of the total spending for the current month, spending for each day, and average spending. Customers can also see their “money path” which indicates if they are on track or not in terms of saving and spending. This new enhancement also includes the spending history, and can be filtered based on the date, the transaction type, and by the account. 

stc pay’s enhancements prove they are data driven and customer centric. Just like stc pay, Moven focuses on digital engagement first, a well-established consumer centric experience, and using data to their advantage to deliver the best user-friendly experiences. These new insights and new partnership with Moven have proven that actionable insights within the stc pay application can help monetize digital banking and assist in the financial health of their customers.

“One of the main pillars of our strategies is to be customer-centric,” said Ahmed Mohammad Alenazi, CEO of stc pay. “We always strive to provide our clients with financial analysis of their expenses to enrich their digital banking experience and to help them spend smarter.”

“Our partnership with stc pay is very exciting, in that they have been able to leverage our technology and deploy it in a meaningful way that makes sense to their growing market,” said Bryan Clagett, Chief Revenue Officer at Moven. “Our solution is remarkably flexible, allowing stc pay to craft their interpretation of financial wellness to provide a more robust experience for their end-users, while giving stc pay the insights that are valuable to them as an industry leader.”  

Alenazi pointed out that the new financial data analytics feature supports customers’ smart spending and provides them with multiple options and different time patterns as they wish, providing accurate results and a comprehensive view of expenses.

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