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TikTok Spotlights Mental Health Awareness in Latest Episode of T-Talks Series

  • The second episode following the inaugural Breast Cancer awareness interviews, sees the T-Talks series continue on its mission to offer users access to insightful content that sparks positive conversation and action 
  • The focus on mental health awareness was driven by participants such as mental health advocate Allaoua Gaham and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Saliha Afridi 
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Riyadh, KSA – November 29, 2021: Following the success of the inaugural episode, TikTok continues its insightful T-Talks series, this time placing the focus on mental health awareness. In the second episode of the series, T-Talks gives the stage to Allaoua Gaham, a mental health advocate and world renowned yoga educator and Dr. Saliha Afridi, a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience consulting on wellness, stress management and coaching. The discussion zooms into the importance of mental wellbeing, offering a safe space for those looking for guidance or a supportive community. 

Through the video interviews, viewers will join Gaham and Dr.Afridi as they tackle topics such as how a community can help each other with mental health problems, as well as sharing their advice for those faced with depression and anxiety. The speakers also deep dive into their own journeys in the field, and what drove them to advocate for mental health awareness. 

Commenting on the important subject of mental health, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Saliha Afridi shared, “This is just about normalizing, de-pathologizing and de-stigmatizing human emotions and the human condition. What keeps me going every day is how we talk about the things that make us human. So I would say three things, one – you’re not alone. Number two, is that you don’t have to do it alone, and then the third thing is start with your physical body, as so much of our mental health is actually part of our gut health, our physical health.”

The T-Talks series sheds light on a variety of subjects that are important to the community through passionate advocates, renowned experts and those with first-hand experience relating to integral community topics, to share their invaluable insights and guidance with the wider TikTok community. 

In addition to the latest episode of the series, the platform also offers an extensive array of wellbeing guides, featuring insightful and verified information within its comprehensive Safety Centre, and places focus on privacy and mental wellbeing when online through its Community Guidelines which do not allow content that promotes, glorifies, or normalises suicide, self-harm or eating disorders. In addition to this, TikTok recently unveiled additional steps to make it easier for people to feel safe and find support on the platform, including, adjusting search interventions, creating additional resources such as its dedicated guide on eating disorders, stronger content warnings, and empowering partnerships with TikTok creators and safety experts. 

Looking ahead, the T-Talks series will continue to celebrate an array of voices that contribute to the platform’s content ecosystem. Further inspiring the regional TikTok community, will be the third session, taking place in December that passes the mic to People of Determination. 

Check out the Mental Health Awareness video on the T-Talks MENA page @ttalksmena

Note: The advice and recommendations shared by the Mental Health Awareness episode are purely for awareness purposes and are not intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice.

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