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MENA car enthusiasts get their dream mobile App

MENA car enthusiasts get their dream mobile App

A new mobile application for car enthusiasts launched today is the region’s first social sharing market place combination for car lovers, bridging the gap between social media and e-commerce.  Aptly named Dazzled Cars, it is available completely free of charge on iOS and Android. Today’s launch has been hotly anticipated by more than 200,000 of its social followers in the region, who have been eagerly awaiting the event.

The new app brings together individual car devotees and automotive businesses in one super interactive community. Car lovers will share images and videos of their favourite cars “Dazzled” around town and rank the best images shared in their country. Dazzled Cars aims to engage its audience with fun, interactive social functionality and original content. Users will enjoy a broader range of services including automotive oriented events, meet ups and follow the latest car news and reviews. The app also features the option to buy and sell cars completely free of cost, with a built in messenger allowing sellers and dealers to interact.

Dazzled Cars is anticipated to be a firm favourite with car lovers, and prove to be an influential resource for the region’s automotive brand managers. Dazzled Tech, the company behind Dazzled Cars, is a home grown mobile application software company based in DTEC, Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Centre located in Silicon Oasis. Developers seized on the opportunity to combine their passion for cars, with a cool interface and fun functionality that car enthusiasts will love. The app’s receptive audience provides a powerful marketing tool for the region’s automotive industry. It’s a unique combination of market place and social sharing that meets a regional demand not currently being fulfilled in the market.

Founder and CEO Australian born tech entrepreneur Scott Cairns, came up with the idea two years ago while he was taking coffee in a downtown café. Seeing numerous people taking photos of exotic cars, he wondered how they could better share these photographs. Thus the Dazzled Cars concept was born. Talking at today’s launch, Cairns commented “Dazzled Cars is the social way to save money, and share a global passion for cars. During its developmental phase, we received over 200,000 followers across our social platforms who are excited about the app. We have a great platform with interactive elements that will be well received by the automotive industry and social followers. Reviews from the tech and automotive space have been extremely positive so Dazzled Cars will quickly gain traction. We love cars as much as our target market, and I think this shows in what we have developed” said Cairns.

The UAE was selected as its launch due to the buoyant automotive market, demand for cars and enthusiasm for tech and social platforms. Dazzled Cars will launch simultaneously in the USA, followed by Asia and Europe by the end of the year. Dazzled Cars aims to become the ‘go-to’ application for car related information, marketplace and entertainment. The app is available free to download from Google Play and the Apple Stores or by logging onto

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