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Why the EZVIZ C8C sees more, further and in better detail than most other smart security cameras

Why the EZVIZ C8C sees more, further and in better detail than most other smart security cameras

Enjoy peace of mind knowing the EZVIZ C8C provides greater coverage to help safeguard family and property 

Al Riyadh, KSA, 3rd October 2021— There’s a lot of talk about home security cameras at the moment and it is possible to enjoy the benefits of a really good system without breaking the bank. Despite the huge variety of different systems currently available not all are able to provide the coverage required in a modern UAE home.

It is common for many outdoor Wi-Fi security cameras to have a very narrow field of view. This is because they are often fixed in place, unable to move. Rather than buying multiple outdoor cameras for a pan tilt view, the EZVIZ C8C offers 360-degree with only one compact camera.

This is where the EZVIZ C8C sets itself apart from the crowd. Unlike its rivals it sees much more thanks to its impressive 360-degree view – more than three times the view of many counterparts. That’s not all as its night vision feature gives the C8C two kinds of night vision: spotlit colour vision and long range infra-red night vision. 

Despite these additional features as well as AI-powered person detection, the EZVIZ C8C boasts advanced technology at a much affordable price, filling the void of outdoor security cameras, that most users may now want to invest in. 


The C8C’s app-controllable camera shoots video at 1080p Full HD resolution, and the C8C can hear as well as it sees thanks to its noise-cancelling microphone. In other words, you can see and hear what’s happening no matter where you are thanks to the free EZVIZ smartphone app. Meanwhile the camera’s advanced H.265 video compression allows the C8C to stream video in high quality using just half the bandwidth of other cameras systems. This provides users with smooth streaming video even on slower internet connections and recordings that need less space to store.

The C8C offers users a choice in how they store video recordings There are also multiple video storage options – users can store videos on local microSD cards, which are inserted directly onto the base station, or subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for automatic saving of motion-triggered video and unlimited storage space on the cloud. For that added peace of mind customers can use both methods. This way there is a safe backup copy if anything happens to the camera or if the internet connection goes down or is interrupted. EZVIZ has added a further layer of security with everything saved to the cloud being fully encrypted with only the C8C owner able to access it.

EZVIZ C8C outdoor camera


The unique design of the EZVIZ C8C not only looks good but it can withstand the elements and is packed with smart features to protect your property. Twin integrated spotlights can warn and light up people on or near your property; colour night vision and professional optical lenses enable quicker identification of important details. Meanwhile its AI-powered person detection can tell the difference between a potential intruder and somebody’s pet. The device’s night vision has a range of up to 30m (100 feet) and automatically switches to full colour if the detected person gets closer. 

Unlike traditional motion detectors found in many other rival camera setups, which struggle to tell the difference between a potential burglar and a plastic bag blowing past, the C8C’s embedded AI algorithm analyses the movement to identify human shapes. Users will only be notified of movement if it sees a human being. As a result, the chance of false alerts is significantly reduced. 


C8C owners have complete control over the security camera through the EZVIZ smartphone app. It provides users with the ability to capture, save, protect and share what’s important to them. That means live streaming video and audio, instant alerts, video history, camera control and up to 8x zoom are all controllable via their smartphone. The app also enables users to create customised activity zones to stop receiving false alarms if they live near a busy road.

With so many exciting capabilities the EZVIZ C8C really does see and hear more than competitor security cameras. The C8C is an affordable smart camera, offering features that other cameras can’t match.

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