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“Tayebat” electronic platform launched at Unaizah Dates Season

“Tayebat” electronic platform launched at Unaizah Dates Season
Unaizah: Tayebat Electronic Platform has officially kicked off its operations in conjunction with the launch of the Unaizah Dates Season 2021 under the slogan (Entrepreneurship and Online Shopping). The platform offers marketplace for buying and sales services through an electronic auction or at a predetermined price in addition to quality management services for dates producers in the Kingdom.

Abdulrahman bin Abdulghani Elkhereiji, CEO of Al-Monir Modern Company, developer of the platform, stated that the launch of this platform embodies the stages of development of an ambitious idea from its conception until it became a reality, with the aim of supporting and enhancing the ability of the Kingdom’s national exports to access global markets.

"Qassim region is one of the most prominent dates producer in the Kingdom and the Gulf, and it competes through its annual festivals to be one of the largest economic attractions. In addition, the region hosts a number of annual date festivals, which are considered the main pillars driving tourism and the economic growth regionally and nationally,” Elkhereiji said adding that sales this year are expected to exceed SR1 billion and provide thousands of job opportunities for Saudi youth.
He pointed out that stimulating and developing efforts to increase the efficiency of supply chains and opening sales channels to dealers from other countries, will contribute to raising the volume of the Kingdom's exports of dates.

Saudi Arabia is one of the global leaders in the production of dates, with more than 30 million palm trees and a production volume of more than 1.5 million tons of different date varieties. National production is sold in the local market to consumers and local factories, while the rest is sold internationally by National date factories that operate in compliance with the highest production quality.

Elkhereiji explained that Tayebat electronic platform will contribute to the delivery of agricultural crops to its applicants quickly, which will reduce the need for storage, obtain the best sustainable quality of products and services, while reducing the supply chain complexity and cost to ensure a fair price for the product and maintain its quality.
The platform is expected to contribute to opening fast and flexible sales channels for farmers, especially small farm owners. It will enable the seller to market his products inside and outside the Kingdom and obtain the price of his crops in cash in the shortest possible time while reducing costs by focusing on production efficiency, cost reduction and product quality. This will improve profit margins through attractive competitive prices and incentives to attract dealers to the platform, in addition to using a digital and traditional marketing campaign for the platform through a highly trained Saudi sales team. The platform has an exceptional ability to display and deliver high quality products of agricultural crops in accordance with the specifications of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.
Tayebat platform can be reached through the following link: or through Tayebat platform team located at the Food City in Unaizah.

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