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AppGallery delivers exciting shopping experiences on Huawei smart devices

AppGallery delivers exciting shopping experiences on Huawei smart devices

Aims to deliver greater convenience to the daily lives of consumers across Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 13 July 2021 – – AppGallery has revealed its latest line-up of the best and most popular shopping and e-commerce apps now available on the platform. Consumers across Saudi Arabia can enjoy great deals, special offers and more all from the comfort and convenience of their Huawei smart devices. 

These apps allow users to order their groceries, sweets, drinks and much more directly from their Huawei smart device at anytime and anywhere. The apps are yet another example of Huawei’s commitment to help consumers in the Kingdom during their daily lives and in the same time to provide them with innovative technology and services. 


‏Pandaclick makes shopping for groceries easier than ever, the users can now shop for home essentials with a simple click. The app helps consumers to save time enabling them to order groceries and home essentials from Panda or Hyper Panda at any time, and have it delivered by a personal shopper to their door.

Wssel – Food Delivery in KSA

Wssel provides users with the ability to order from a variety of store categories that include restaurants, sweets, drinks, bakeries, ice cream, coffee and groceries, with no minimum order fee. The app allows consumers to track their order live on the map as well as contact customer care and delivery specialists with ease. Thanks to a large fleet, deliveries are convenient and quick no matter the Saudi city you are in. 


This online grocery shopping and delivery service ships from local supermarkets directly to the user’s doorstep. Consumers in Saudi can choose from more than 13,000 available products including fresh meats, fruits and more, set a delivery time and await the delivery. Simply choose the products, add them to the cart, and pick a delivery time and address, press the place order button and that is it. Nana covers most Al-Riyadh areas, however if an area is not covered users can vote and ask their friends to vote for it and they will be notified once it is supported.

Berain Water Delivery

Get Berain Water delivered for free directly to a user’s home or to a loved one through this new app. The water delivery service covers most regions of Saudi Arabia and consumers can pay using SADAD, mada or a credit card. Payment can also be made upon receipt by cash or debit card. The water is filled using the latest technology and volume levels are offered in the app subject to availability by region and production conditions. Users can choose glass or plastic bottles of various sizes of sparkling or normal water.


The Nahdi Online App gives users the most exclusive and biggest offers daily and directly to their doorsteps. Users can search, rate and review their favourite Nahdi products to earn, redeem and check their Nuhdeek points balance. The app also offers users the ability to locate their nearest pharmacy with contact information through the advanced Pharmacy Locator. Simply upload a picture of the prescription and get it delivered or collect it from the nearest store.


Whether users wear sneakers for fashion or as part of an active lifestyle, Nejree is designed to help consumers shop for their favourite brands and style with ease. The Nejree Closet service allows users to try the items at home before checkout and comes with express delivery in Saudi Arabia. All items are 100% original brands with weekly new arrivals and include ranges for women, men and children. The app enables users to search products by brand, number or colour and the ability to purchase limited edition products from various brands with free exchange and returns.


The eXtra app allows users to shop for over 10,000 great products from different brands. Downloading the app provides access to the latest smartphones, laptops, TVs and home appliances with free delivery on orders over 299 SR in Saudi Arabia. Users in the Kingdom can enjoy the latest offers and exclusive online deals, easily search for products, see customer reviews and product videos as well as scan a barcode to check for exclusive online offers when in store. These and many more features are part of the new eXtra app.  

These apps are part of a growing list of applications now part of the AppGallery library. Users can enjoy a wide range of categories including gaming, finance, education, business and much more. Such a variety of options has helped the AppGallery to attract more than 540 million Monthly Active Users to the platform in over 170 countries and regions around the world. 

More than 134,000 applications have been integrated with HMS Core worldwide by March 31st of this year. Over the same period 2.7 million developers registered with HMS of which 0.3 million developers are from outside China. AppGallery applications were downloaded 384.4 billion times in 2020 and the number of apps launched on the platform in 2020 outside China was more than 10 times that of 2019. 

This has been made possible by Huawei’s strategy to reach a wide range of users in different regions, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing them with high quality apps that meet their daily needs. AppGallery’s ‘Global + Local strategy’ is an innovative approach to app listing that provides consumers with an enhanced experience by focusing on popular local apps.

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