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Launch of Saudi Electronic Platform aimed at marketing agricultural crops in Saudi Arabia

Launch of Saudi Electronic Platform aimed at marketing agricultural crops in Saudi Arabia

Elkhereiji: We aspire to contribute to placing the Kingdom in a global leadership position in the export of dates by opening sales channels in other countries

JEDDAH: Abdulrahman bin Abdulghani Elkhereiji, CEO of Al-Monir Modern Company, confirmed that the plan to develop the “Tayebat” platform, aims to support and enhance the capacity of Saudi Arabia’s national produce exports to access global markets. Tayebat is an electronic platform that offers marketing, sales and quality management services for Saudi fruit and vegetable producers.

Elkhereiji said: "The Kingdom produces about 1.5 million tons of dates annually, which is about 17% of the total global production, occupying the second place globally. According to the reports of the National Center for Palms and Dates last March, the Kingdom's exports of dates increased to reach 215,000 tons exported to more than 107 countries around the world. We aspire to contribute, through Tayebat electronic platform, to making the Kingdom the first exporter of dates in the world.”
Elkhereiji stressed the importance of digital transformation to achieve Saudi Arabia’s "2030 Vision”, which aims at establishing an advanced digital infrastructure to enhance the Kingdom’s economic competitiveness.
He added: "There are more than 31 million date palm trees of 75 types of dates covering an area of ​​107 thousand hectares. Estimates show that the volume of per capita consumption in Saudi Arabia is about 26 kilograms per year, making it one of the most important consumer goods."
Talking about Tayebat electronic platform, Elkhereiji said that it aims mainly to provide fresh agricultural crops at competitive prices for business owners, including companies, stores, factories, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and others. The sale of agricultural crops on the platform is organized through two methods, the electronic auction method and the selling at predetermined method.
He pointed out that stimulating and developing efforts to increase the efficiency of supply chains and opening sales channels to dealers from other countries, will contribute to raising the volume of the Kingdom's exports of dates.
He explained that Tayebat electronic platform will contribute to the delivery of agricultural crops to its applicants quickly, which will reduce the need for storage, obtain the best sustainable quality of products and services, and reduce the supply chain to ensure a fair price for the product and maintain its quality.
The platform is expected to contribute to opening fast and flexible sales channels for farmers, especially small farm owners. It will enable the seller to market his products inside and outside the Kingdom and obtain the price of his crops in cash in the shortest possible time while reducing costs by focusing on production efficiency, cost reduction and product quality. This will improve profit margins through attractive competitive prices and incentives to attract dealers to the platform, in addition to using a digital and traditional marketing campaign for the platform through a highly trained sales team. The platform has an exceptional ability to display and deliver high quality products of agricultural crops in accordance with the specifications of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.
Tayebat ensures quality services, timely customer support and guarantee the rights of all parties involved in buying, selling and the delivery of goods.
The platform is scheduled to be launched at the beginning of the dates season during the month of August, and registration can take place on the platform through the following link: or through Tayebat platform team located at the Food City in Unaizah.

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