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Huawei will give you the chance to talk with your favorite football celebrity through HUAWEI Vision S

Huawei will give you the chance to talk with your favorite football celebrity through HUAWEI Vision S

June 24th , Riyadh Saudi Arabia:Football fans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be given a surprise when a mystery player known as ‘The Tornado’ will call them up through their HUAWEI Vision S smart screens for a quick conversation.

The mystery athlete known as “Maestro” too will contact consumers who had purchased the HUAWEI Vision S smart screen and who are all huge fans of the footballer. It will be a great opportunity for some lucky supporters to ask different questions and learn more about their star and life of this mystery athlete. 

The surprise call is inspired by Huawei’s desire to showcase their commitment to consumers across the Kingdom through their advanced HUAWEI Vision S Smart screen. Not only does the device feature immersive visuals, but its 1080P MeeTime Full HD Video Call function enables users to connect with friends and family in stunning detail thanks to its 13MP camera, which assures Huawei’s position as a leader in innovation, incorporating breathtaking technologies, and facilitating sparkling new interactions within the home. 

التورنيدو سيتصل بمشجعيه عبر الشاشة الذكية الـ MeeTime في HUAWEI Vision S

Huawei’s smart screen is at the cutting edge of design and technology and delivers a unique calling experience. As “The Tornado’s” fans will discover when speaking to their favorite player in high definition on a smart screen is an exciting experience and they will truly feel like they are talking to him as if he is in the room in person. Huawei is always listening to the needs of consumers and the HUAWEI Vision S is a great example of this philosophy as it helps users do what they care about most and that is connect with loved ones more closely. 

The MeeTime feature enables consumers to not only make calls directly to and from the HUAWEI Vision S, but also transfer calls from other connected devices. For example, a user can start a call on his Huawei smartphone and then seamlessly transfer it to his HUAWEI Vision S, which will then use the camera, display and audio of the TV to continue the video call.

Huawei is also currently running a ‘Guess and Win’ competition across all its social media platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To be in with a chance of winning a wide range of exciting gifts, consumers must simply guess who the mysterious football player is.

As excitement builds for this event, stay tuned to know who will be the player who will be calling his fans through the HUAWEI Vision S. 

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